10 Creative Typography-Based Posters

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A picture may be worth 1,000 words, but words can be just as lovely, unique, and eye-catching. Typographic art isn’t anything new, but it’s been getting incredibly popular lately. Pretty posters with typography have been popping up everywhere—most of these posters are for art’s sake, but some of them are being used as exciting marketing tools.

Typographic Poster Tutorial Using Photoshop

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Typography is one of the buzzwords these days when it comes to cool poster designs. So in this tutorial, we will show you how to make your own typographic poster, but to make things interesting, with a more nostalgic theme to it.

How to Create a Typographical Shape for Posters

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One great way to create a retro, grunge design for posters is to create a shape, such as a letter or number, made entirely of type. Add in some texture to the background and in just a short amount of time, you have an eye-catching design ready to send to your online printing company. Putting a block of text into a pre-designed shape is actually quite easy when following a few simple steps. The tutorial below walks you through these necessary steps, then shows you how to create a weathered paper background, and finally reveals how to put it all together to create a retro or grunge poster. We will first start in Illustrator and then move to Photoshop for the final touches.

Japanese Poster Design and the Films of Studio Ghibli

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Japanese poster art is has a distinct look and many western appreciators (it is claimed by some that the Japanese poster tradition is fundamentally different because it didn’t grow as a tool for selling products). In the following gallery, I’ve collected examples of poster art for the films of Studio Ghibli – an animated film studio that has become famous in the west. The ‘Ghibli style’ is itself distinct in Japanese animation, despite being arrived at by different directors and character designers.

20 Outstanding Examples of Black & White Posters

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Movie posters are designed to promote upcoming releases in order to maximise box office takings and create a buzz amongst people to see the movie. In order for the poster to be popular and successful, it needs to attract the human eye with bright colours normally, but funny enough black and white often draw more attention.

40 Tutorials Poster Design to Improve Your Skill and Creativity

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Posters or plaques are works of art or graphic design which includes the composition drawing on paper and letters are large. Posters can be a means of advertising, education, propaganda, and decorations. Besides it can also be copies of famous artworks. Here are 40 tutorials poster design to enhance your design abilities and creativity.

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