Local Marketing Tips: 8 Effective Ways To Use Plastic Postcards

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Local marketing is challenging. Busy people don't pay much attention to marketing messages, unless they really standout. In recent years, plastic postcards have caught on because they grab attention while converting prospects into clients. If you haven't used a plastic postcard printing service yet, you're missing out on an amazing source of new business.

3D Printing – 15 Amazing Gift Ideas

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Gifts are synonymous with social and religious occasions such as birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day and Christmas. Although human sentiments have remained stagnant, the ways to express them have undergone a sea change. The reason is technology which has evolved enormously in the past couple of decades. New technologies have given birth to new products and techniques which today allow designers and manufacturers to develop, personalize or mass produce stunning merchandise.

10 Beautiful And Inspiring Examples Of Minimalistic Product Packaging

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Most of us come into contact with product packaging every single day of our lives. It might be in the form of branding on your cereal box in the morning, the label on your mid-afternoon snack or even the bottle your diet soda comes in. Product packaging is everywhere.

Understanding the Basics of Color Processing

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The print industry normally subscribes to two main color models in order to achieve a particular design’s chrome requirements. These models include the Subtractive Color Models, and the Additive Color Models. In comparison, Subtractive Color Models employ reflective light, whereas Additive Color Models opt for projective light, hence the latter’s wider or more exhaustive color gamut during color creation. Under the subtractive principle, the Cyan Magenta Yellow Black (CMYK) four color processing is the most widely used.

Illustration Art in Business Cards

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Great visuals have the power to attract attention and express a message that is more effective than text. As a matter of fact, human beings are visual communicators by nature, and so the best way to capture your target market’s interest and be remembered is through illustration art.

15 Curiously Creative Calendars

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Assuming the world doesn't end on 12-21-12 pegged as the “end of the world” based on the Mayan Calendar, you then have only a little over a month to brace yourself for 2013. Just a few weeks more and you’d be joining in the chorus of the Auld Lang Syne, watching the fireworks and coming up with your New Year's resolution. But don't forget to pick out a new calendar! In case you haven't yet decided on what theme you're going to use for next year's calendar, here are 15 awesome designs that you can take inspiration from.

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