Infographic: Responsive Design “Getting It Right “

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Design trends change faster than couture fashion and more than often stay on the rack for less than a season. But with billions of Internet-users basing their purchase decisions on what they see and hear on the broadest and fastest mass medium, the need for responsive design is more urgent than ever.

Reasons Behind Responsive Web Designing And Targeting The Mobile Audience

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Past, present, future, what’s the most alarming word for the web world? It’s the future. Because of the continuously advancing technology, web designers, web developers, and SEOs have to keep an eye on the future and any advancements coming in the future. What are the changes reshaping the IT industry? The most significant one is the trend of using Smartphones and other mobile devices to access internet. This trend is the proof of technological revolution and is affecting greatly the web designers to follow some responsive approach for website creation.

Responsive Web Design – Best of

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Everywhere we look, an electronic display is not far from our field of vision. From the touch sensitive surface of our mobile phone, to the billions of web pages that we see on our computer's screen every day, everything we see has been carefully designed. Responsive web design, commonly abbreviated to RWD, is all about how we see things. Here's a guide to Responsive Web Design, and the best principles and aspects of its sphere.

9 Best Responsive Website Builder Platforms and Their Reviews

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Mobile is the new desktop. Mobile is already the preferred choice for most smartphone users. Responsive web design (part of web design that helps your website render appropriately on every kind of device such as a smartphone and a tablet) is, as a result, growing in importance. It makes practical sense for businesses to develop mobile versions of their websites or throw responsiveness into the equation while developing a website such that websites transform and render as they should irrespective of the device consumers use.

Visual Guide to Responsive Web Design

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Today Infographics becomes one of the most popular forms of data presentation. It’s widely used to introduce complex information in a clear and simple way. And even if a static infographic is so effective in presenting information visually, there is also a dynamic infographic that is an enhanced version of a static infographic.

Responsive Web Design or Separate Mobile Website- Which One to Choose?

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Recently, several businesses have witnessed orientation towards responsive web design. It is basically a website design technique, which lets you make a single website that can well adjust to the devices, whether it’s a laptop, smartphone or tablet. However, many businesses believe in the designing of a separate mobile website.

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