Are Your Website Visitors Really Your Target Audience?

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It wasn't too long ago when good marketing methods simply meant putting an ad on the TV, taking out a spot on a radio station and possibly putting up a billboard in a high-traffic area. In the Age of the Internet, however, having a website is the only way to ensure success. Common sense would dictate that simply bringing in visitors to a website would be enough to increase revenue, but in actuality, bringing in the wrong audience is nearly as bad as bringing in no audience at all.

Why Your Source Code Matters – SEO Audit Tips

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Many of the SEO experts are unaware about this crucial fact that SEO audit includes analyzing source codes which play a significant role in performance of the site. Developing and modifying the code is used to be the part of developers job but with the new reaches of SEO tools they come down to the pocket of bona-fide Search Engine Optimizers. A sagacious SEO audit includes the modification and implementation of various tags, scripts, etc., which affects the result of Search Engines at a very big level. Now-a-days, many interfaces like Wordpress or Joomla has manifested themselves in a way allowing the SEO experts to do the required changes in the source code easily.

10 Great WordPress SEO Plug-ins for Bloggers

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If you are the owner of a WordPress blog, you no doubt will have an idea about plug-ins and how they work. However this post will highlight specific WordPress SEO Plug-ins for blogs that are an absolute must if you want your voice to reach out to the world. Creating unique content is only half the part. The other half revolves around ensuring your work gets noticed, read and critiqued and this is precisely where SEO plug-ins can help you.

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