A Few Things That May Lead To Your Online Store Failure

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There are thousands of new online stores emerging on the Internet every single month. In accordance with the latest market researches, the average lifespan of various ecommerce projects, irrespective of their size and business niche, is a little bit more than two years. It looks like a really sad statistics, but about 90% of ecommerce start-ups eventually close due to many reasons.

One of the Best Art Galleries That You Could Find on the Internet

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There are many things that could become your interest these days. You could enjoy outdoor activities such as fishing or camping. You could also enjoy sports as your interest. Art is another thing that is commonly found to be interest for someone. If you love art and you love to see artworks such as paintings or sculptures, then you must love to visit art galleries.

Is Drupal the Best eCommerce Solution for SMEs?

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Drupal is an open source content management system (CMS) and most popularly used as a web design platform. It provides a lot of modules and themes that allows Drupal developers to develop all kinds of websites. However, when it comes to eCommerce solution development it is not ranked as popular in usage. This is due to many other platforms that have been built specifically for eCommerce solutions and most online businesses tend to use them only. They think that since they were purposely built for eCommerce platform they are more optimized for it than others like Drupal for which eCommerce was an afterthought. Some people think that Drupal cannot be good enough for eCommerce and it might be lacking in functionality. Such assumptions have led many to overlook Drupal’s potential as the best eCommerce solution especially for small and medium-sized enterprises.

5 Reasons Why One-step-checkout Brings Revenue to Ecommerce Business

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Shopping cart abandonment is not an exotic term to people who are into the business of ecommerce. It is one of the often-times happening phenomena experienced by most Magento ecommerce owners. Most ecommerce businesses are striving hard to keep away from this persisting cart abandonment woes to maximize benefits and increase revenues. Regardless of huge volume of traffic created toward the site, a poor shopping cart design with unimpressive features would spoil your entire online business in no time. Hence, it becomes necessary to learn the tricks and trades of shopping cart abandonment and how to stop customers practicing it. Well, the exponential growth of Magento and Internet technology has paved way for formulating new extensions and one such powerful extension capable of sweeping away the shopping cart abandonment sufferings is One-Step-Checkout.

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