PHP : An Exemplary Platform for Developing Dynamic Web Applications

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PHP – an abbreviation for PHP Hypertext Preprocessor and earlier meant for Personal Home Page till its 3.0 version loomed in the IT world. It is basically, an open source server side programming and scripting language offering web developers a lot of instruments for web customization and developing.

Flash AS3: How to Play External Musics Automatically and Random

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In this post I want to share code for Play external musics by automatically and random in Flash using Actionscript 3. The code are simple, to implement only need to create new folder for music files in project folder, naming the files by sequentially. so you can use the code for your projects.

Great and Stunning Human Photo Manipulation Artworks and Tutorials

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Photo manipulation, is one of the most interesting photographic techniques. Photo manipulation is the process of editing photos in a way that was so extreme and unique even required to produce an entirely different view.

How to Show Author Avatar in Submission List for fvCommunityNews

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How to show the avatar of news authors on community submission list with fvCommunityNews Plug-in.

Guest Post | Tutorial – using the dodge tool to improving a model’s eye catchlights.

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a tutorial about improving a model's eye and replacing the catchlights.

Inspirations: Bokeh in Portrait Photography

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27 Inspirations Bokeh in potrait photography. Bokeh in photography referring the area in the picture which are out of focus light to increase beautiful and dramatic image.

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