Create Custom Contact Forms Easily With Webydo

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Contact forms are essential for any modern website. It allows our visitors to get in touch with us, give us feedback or ask about our services and products. To be honest it’s been years since I last seen a single website without some kind of a contact form!

10+ Best WordPress Tutorials of Aug 2012

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Having known to be a leading open source blogging platform, Wordpress is a dynamic content management system based on MySQL and PHP. The best thing with Wordpress is it comes with new things that makes your platform work better. In this article, you will get to know about few Wordpress tutorials which can be said the best.

Ten Awesome Lighting Effects in Photoshop

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I've always had that lingering passion for visual art, and I like experimenting with different software related to it. Being the wannabe artist/computer geek that I am, I spend hours drawing and editing images in Photoshop. I know I have limited skills on that aspect, so I usually look for tips and tutorials on the Internet to create different effects for my graphic designs. During my research, I stumbled upon some cool lighting effects I want to share to the readers. I believe these may help other people out there who want to add zest to their images.

Five Adobe Illustrator CS5 Tools that Create Shading Effects

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Are you tired of graphics in your design that look flat and still? A good graphic designer’s tool is something that provides the power and precision in making each design sophisticated and state-of-the-art. Adobe made this possible through the Adobe Illustrator software. Adobe Illustrator was originally launched as Picasso for Mac operating systems. At present, its latest version is CS5. It promises graphic designs close to real life brush strokes without losing the vector format. This is made possible through drawing tools that support shading.

Typographic Poster Tutorial Using Photoshop

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Typography is one of the buzzwords these days when it comes to cool poster designs. So in this tutorial, we will show you how to make your own typographic poster, but to make things interesting, with a more nostalgic theme to it.

Print Ready Business Card Design with Custom Lettering

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While you can reach for a basic template for a business card, ideally you can control every detail on your own using software like Adobe Illustrator. In this tutorial, we walk you through a process for building a print-ready business card from scratch. You can take the tools we will give you and go a lot further, but these simple techniques are critical for customization of your design for business card printing. One of the specific areas we will focus on is building letters from scratch using simple shapes. We will also show you how to take any font you want and customize it, but that process has some drawbacks, as we'll point out.

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