The Evolution of Web Design in the Last 2 Years

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In 2013, to commemorate the 20th year of free and open web, the very first website returned to the web using its original URL. The site is… well, very basic; it is a text-only site that explains the World Wide Web basics. The website that we know has come a long way since. Fast forward to 2015, it would be relevant to determine the changes in the web design industry in the past couple of years. Where do you think it is headed? Let’s see.

Infographic: Responsive Design “Getting It Right “

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Design trends change faster than couture fashion and more than often stay on the rack for less than a season. But with billions of Internet-users basing their purchase decisions on what they see and hear on the broadest and fastest mass medium, the need for responsive design is more urgent than ever.

‘Get The Money’ And Other Key Factors Before Website Launch

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You have designed your website and the CMS works; your content is in place and your client is satisfied. So now you have to launch the website. Right? Wrong. When you are about to launch a website, you may have overlooked several details in your pre-launch excitement and it would do you good to check all elements of your website and give the final touches before you show it to your client.

The Best New Tools For Web Design and Development

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Web design and development has changed in a big way over the years from the days when web pages were coded HTML pages to date where scripts run the show. The following are some of best tools with good representation for modern web development.

7 Reasons Why You Should be Opting for Professional Web

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Just like Sandy, too many of us suffer from similar dilemma. There are so many theme and effects and tutorials and free tools; do we really need to pay professional web designers? How they can add extra to our business sites that we cannot even think about? We have 7 answers to this single question. Read on.

TWHR Review – Authentic Web Hosting Reviews

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You can see much information at the internet. You can see the review of certain product and making comparison. However, you shouldn’t believe in all information available at the internet.

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