What Makes the Top eCommerce Storefront Designs

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The best eCommerce storefronts tend to be unique to their clientele, their product, and their location. However, if you look you may notice a few things in common. While trends change with time—2012 was all about white backgrounds and grayscale photos while 2013 brought back grunge textures and dark backgrounds—all the best sites find an image that speaks to their brand more clearly than anything else and stick with it. In getting to that point, however, they all move through a few specific elements of the design process. Find out what it is that makes the top sites stand out from the rest of the crowd.

5 Pointers to Use Typography for Enhancing Website Design

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The fact that your website represents your business means it’s imperative that the site leaves a good impression on its visitors. It is a site’s design that plays a huge role in creating this impression. One important design element that improves, both, the visual and functional appeal of a site is typography. If you use it right, it can enhance your website’s design like nothing else can.

35 Music Website Designs that Rock

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What does music mean to you? Does it take an important place in your life? What music genre do you prefer? Do you ever leave your house without a player full of your favorite rhythms? Do you often sing in a shower? Oh, sorry, we were not going to violate your privacy, so this question can be left without an answer. To make a long story short, our blog post contains 35 absolutely classy music website designs we’ve managed to find on the web. They were gathered for your inspiration. Who knows, maybe you’re going to create a zingy design for music site and don’t know what to begin with… Start with this article and it will be a good beginning, we promise you that!

The Right Web Design Draws Gamers to Your Gaming Site

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Gamers are always looking for the next great game to play. Those who are true gamers will tire of one game in a short period of time because they’ll finish it quickly. Offering multiple games on one site is a great way to attract an audience and keep its attention. Of course to do this, your web design needs to be set up right. It’s essential to present the games properly, have the right software for easier game play, and offer the chance to set up a membership with your site. This allows you to attract gamers in the first place, and keep them coming back for more.

7 Elements of a Well-Crafted Website

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There are certain characteristics that make or break a website. Most are obvious – you can look at a website and know instantaneously whether its appearance is good or not. Some elements however are less apparent and their importance can easily be overlooked, but it’s the package as a whole that turns an average looking website into something spectacular that works.

Drupal and Apache Solr

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Drupal’s standard search works for minor to average size websites. The standard search does not need any server specifications and it is easy to setup. For larger sites with more sophisticated and advanced searches, The Core search will not do. A great idea is to combine Drupal’s core search with Solr to incorporate faceted searches and specific search options. Apache Solr offers extension and strengthened execution over the original Drupal search.

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