20 NOS Boosters For Your WordPress Website

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Among all content management systems being used in the market, WordPress accounts for more than half of the market share. for years, webmasters around the world are trying out new tips and tricks to speed up their WordPress websites for the benefit of the users. In this post we shall discuss 20 best ways through which you can significantly reduce the page load time of your WordPress website.

How to Create a Website as a Powerful Marketing Media

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Just prepare all the best for your website to bring out the best in it. It can be your powerful marketing media if you know how to maintain it.

How to Show Author Avatar in Submission List for fvCommunityNews

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How to show the avatar of news authors on community submission list with fvCommunityNews Plug-in.

Guest Post | How to choose the right host for a WordPress Blog

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WordPress is among the most popular blogging software and millions of sites and blogs run on it. if you have already decided that you will be running your blog on WordPress, the next step is to choose the right host for your WordPress blog.

Add Social Networking Links In Lovely Style This Time | tutzone

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Here is a tutorial to add social bookmarking icons in your blog. There comes many plugins but I personally like Sexy Bookmarks for it being really cool and with nice hover effect.

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