10 APIs That All Web Developers Should Know About

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The Internet has really become a conglomeration of technology thanks to the advent of application programming interfaces (APIs). It seems as if everything we need has been put together in a very convenient way. Thanks to the ability to work numerous applications at a single time, it eliminates having to click through a variety of applications that may serve different purposes.

10 Killer jQuery Plugins for 2016

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Considering that every website uses Javascript in some or the other way it becomes00 essential to incorporate various libraries for its effective. While programmers may use extensive Javascript library, jQuery is one of the widely accepted libraries for creating interactive and alluring websites. It is important for the designers to stay well-informed with the latest jQuery plugins as plenty of old plugins get outdated with time.

Step by Step Guide to hosting your plugin on WordPress Directory

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The sheer number of plugins hosted and being added everyday doesn’t deter the users in the slightest. As such, the official plugin directory is the first place for a developer to share his work with the community (and get some name and fame in the global WordPress community in the process)

7 WordPress Plugins To Improve Your Website’s User Experience

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Since User Experience (UX) is an important factor in your website’s search engine ranking, it then becomes largely tied to your business’ growth. As such, you should be able to provide your visitors with the best online experience to effectively convert them to leads and sales.

Expert Tips in Running and Maintaining Your WordPress Site

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Getting a PSD to WordPress website made is not the end of the war; it is merely the starting of the one. Although we are talking about one of the most competitive content management systems a website may possibly be powered with, yet as a meticulous and ambitious business owner, there are quite a few things you would like to take care of.

PSD to WordPress Conversion Tutorials: You Must Know About

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By comprehending the extreme requisites of WordPress which has been high on demand, here I am going to present very worthy and useful congregation of detail PSD to WordPress conversion tutorial. These tutorials must be retained by every web developers, designers and blogger that would make them educated about the skills and techniques of converting their design into an appealing website or active blog pages. This would not only lessen the efforts towards this endeavor but also save your valuable time.

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