A Superfast Guide to Install WordPress CMS in Just 15 Minutes

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So are you looking for an easy and quick tutorial to install WordPress on your website? If yes then say cheese as your search is over now. In this post of mine I am going to share the superfast process of installing the WordPress CMS.

The Need for Image Gallery Plugins on WordPress

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WordPress, with no doubt is considered as the only and only ultimate CMS to construct a blog amazingly. In addition to being an absolute blogging platform, WordPress also comes with some unique and utile features that make any site look appealing. However, there is one specific feature on WordPress that matters more with the appearance or look of the website. It is nothing but the way in which images and videos are shown-off. There are a lot number of WordPress plugins and extensions available on the market, which plays a vital role in building the structure of your website or blog.

Why META Tags Matter in WordPress

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You know what META tags are, and you’ve probably seen them scattered about, whether on a WordPress blog (some webmasters don’t mind posting the words) as well as the empty fields within WordPress that ask you for META tags. Years ago, (and still today) META tags were introduced for HTML programming, and were inserted in the heading of an HTML document. These META tags told the Internet search bots what the site was about, along with a page title, description and heading text.

20 NOS Boosters For Your WordPress Website

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Among all content management systems being used in the market, WordPress accounts for more than half of the market share. for years, webmasters around the world are trying out new tips and tricks to speed up their WordPress websites for the benefit of the users. In this post we shall discuss 20 best ways through which you can significantly reduce the page load time of your WordPress website.

10+ Best WordPress Tutorials of Aug 2012

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Having known to be a leading open source blogging platform, Wordpress is a dynamic content management system based on MySQL and PHP. The best thing with Wordpress is it comes with new things that makes your platform work better. In this article, you will get to know about few Wordpress tutorials which can be said the best.

10 Great WordPress SEO Plug-ins for Bloggers

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If you are the owner of a WordPress blog, you no doubt will have an idea about plug-ins and how they work. However this post will highlight specific WordPress SEO Plug-ins for blogs that are an absolute must if you want your voice to reach out to the world. Creating unique content is only half the part. The other half revolves around ensuring your work gets noticed, read and critiqued and this is precisely where SEO plug-ins can help you.

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