Top 5 WordPress Plugins for Designers and photographers

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WordPress is considered as one of the best online blogging platforms. It is very user-friendly and a simple tool. It can be really beneficial for the designers and the photographers. Photographers can show their portfolio using smart WordPress themes. These themes are primarily designed to show portfolio. Apart from themes, there are also so many unique features and functions for the photographers.

5 Essential WordPress Widgets and Plugins That Every Small Business Needs

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If you own a small business and have dealt with online marketing tools in the past, then you are probably very familiar with several of the plugins and widgets that are available to help make your blog or website gain more hits each day.

5 Website to Help You Find WordPress Themes

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Wordpress is the most popular blogging platform that help us to setup website or personal blog easily. Finding the right premium WordPress theme can be a time consuming process. There are dozens of premium theme development companies and countless independent designers. In this post, I will share with you 5 website that you can use to find wordpress themes. Some of them come with sophisticated features and advanced search filtering system.

WordPress Newsletter Usability Guidelines

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When you prepare your newsletter, probably the last thing on your mind is if its design and contents adhere to usability principles. This approach is wrong because poor usability means your newsletter ends directly in the trash folder and most likely its subsequent issues will end there, too. Basically, this kills all your efforts to use your newsletter as a sales and promotion tool because it drastically reduces your readership.

Signs That You’re Working with a Bad WordPress Developer

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While judging a WordPress developer you should always be peculiar about certain points. A bad WordPress developer always gives you signs by which you can make out how bad he is. You should be smart enough to actually understand those signs. Don’t wait for too long as that might cause you a problem.

Find out The Best WordPress Hosting to Avoid of 4 Mistakes

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As you know, in the cyber space, there are so many blogging tools. Blog is one of the media for the people to deliver their aspiration or idea or information that is useful for the surroundings. In addition to the blog, the best wordpress hosting is give the reliable and trustable, that help wordpress in providing the fast power and affordable prices.

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