The Anatomy of An Effective Web Design: Have a look

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Many new revolutionary inventions are developed in the past time for making the information technology field more effective and useful. The new inventions of the IT world have provided several new ways of effective communication. The World Wide Web is one of the most popular and useful inventions of the IT sector. If you want to design any website effectively then there are many facts which you should keep in mind. In this article some of the most important things are described which will surely help you to make a good website.

There are various facts which will be very helpful for you to make a perfect website some of them are described below.


1. Planning About the Website:

Planning is the basic step in performing any task and it is also a crucial task in website making too. Planning is very crucial step because in planning phase you decide the goals and step by step process of website making which will be very useful for you in the making of website. The document in which you may write the planning of your website is known as the site plan. The site plan is very useful as it can be used by any of the person involved in website making as a reference document. The planning can be very useful in finding new ideas and facts that should be very useful and helpful for you.


2. Using the Screen Space Properly:

Another important thing which you should keep in mind while designing any website is that how your website looks on the screen. The screen resolution is very crucial fact too. You should design the website which will support different types of screen resolutions as the screen resolution of many PC’s and Laptops differs from each other. You also should have the content of the website like text, images etc., in a perfect manner and size. Use of CSS (Cascade Style Sheets) can be very good for providing better design to any website.


3. The Font Style and Typeface:

Typeface is a collection of various characters, symbols, numeric values etc., and a font is the description of any typeface in computers. The typeface and font style you use also have great effect over the presentation of your website. There are many typefaces like times in roman etc., and font styles like bold, italic etc., from which you should choose the best one which offers your website an amazing presentation.


4. Color:

The color which you choose as font color and background color should be of that types which please the eyes of users. If the color combination of your website is good then it will enhance the appearance of website which further attracts more visitors to the website.


5. Theme of the Website:

The theme which you will choose for website should be very eye catching so that it can attract users for your website to increase its popularity and your earnings.

Website should be very eye catching and its appearance has to be very good so that it can attract users towards it. There are many factors which has an effect on perfect website designing. Some of these crucial factors are described in this article so keep in mind these things and design better websites.

Written by Alia Haley

Alia Haley is a blogger who also happens to be a tech buff. She is always on a lookout for latest tech stuff and recently purchased a cool ipad docking station. She is a big fan of the concept of 3d laptop. These days she is busy in writing articles on Portable microwave.

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The Anatomy of An Effective Web Design: Have a look | Design News March 27, 2012,10:31

[...] The Anatomy of An Effective Web Design: Have a look [...]

Samuel March 27, 2012,23:13

That is a nice collection of tips to help beginners get a grasp on web design. There is however a lot more than just the areas you focused on in this blog such as spacing, layout and various other features. I think this blog will be useful to those looking to get into web design!

David Richard March 30, 2012,14:47

Effective and useful information for the fresher.Thank you for sharing.



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