Most of us come into contact with product packaging every single day of our lives. It might be in the form of branding on your cereal box in the morning, the label on your mid-afternoon snack or even the bottle your diet soda comes in. Product packaging is everywhere.

The thing is, most of this product packaging is far from special. Although millions of dollars might have been spent on creating the packaging, you’re usually left with an overly-complex design stuffed with ingredients lists, slogans, images and so forth. However, some brands are bucking this trend and instead, opting to stand out from the crowd by creating beautifully minimalistic packaging.

If you’re looking to rebrand your current product packaging, you might be in need of some serious inspiration. If so, take a look at the list below and get your creative juices flowing.

#1 – My Olive Tree


Olive oil doesn’t usually tend to be the most trendy of products but in the case of My Olive Tree, there is clearly an exception.

As you can see, the packaging is extremely minimalistic and utilises white space throughout the design to its advantage. Aside from the doodle of the olive tree on the label, there is very little packaging to speak of.

#2 – Fruita Blanch


Fruita Blanch is a company that produces a range of jams and other preserved fruit products including organic juices.

This clever yet minimalistic packaging design actually puts the product itself (i.e. the fruit) at the heart of the design. The natural colour of the fruit helps to create a colourful backdrop for the minimalistic product label.

#3 – Solo Ice Cream


Solo Ice Cream is a small ice cream brand based in Northern Israel. The ice cream is created from local ingredients using traditional Italian ice cream making methods.

As you can see, the minimalistic nature of the product packaging not only represents the simplicity of the ingredients, but also the quality. Once again, white space is used to create a minimalist, modern design.

#4 – Toscatti


Toscatti is a premium kitchenware company that produces a range of pots, pans and other kitchen containers.

With the products ranging considerably in size, Toscatti opted for a minimalistic rebrand that utilised colour to help categorize the various sizes in an intuitive way. As you can see from the image, a range of vibrant colours are used to help portray the sizing of the product(s) in a beautifully minimalistic and innovative way.

#5 – Tacie’s Salsa


Tacie’s Salsa isn’t the largest company in the world but as you can see, the minimalistic nature of the branding portrays the high quality nature of the product in a simple and appetising manner.

As you can see, the designers have used just two colours for the product packaging; green and black. The natural red of the product itself helps to form a colourful backdrop which adds to the effect. The only imagery on the label is the small illustration of a chilli; this helps to keep things simple.

#6 – Sullivan Street Bakery


Sullivan Street Bakery is a relatively small business but you wouldn’t guess it from their product packaging.

The use of a large high quality image on each of the packets creates a minimalistic yet premium look. It’s backed up by a colour coded label which helps to differentiate between the various products. It’s a beautiful example of minimalistic packaging done well.

#7 – Real Juice


Real Juice is one of many juice brands on the market but unlike many, Real Juice has a unique twist. Their juice contains no added sugar, preservatives or other ‘additives’, hence the name "Real Juice".

The minimalistic nature of the product packaging helps to reflect this unique selling point along with the core values of the brand. The label uses a minimal amount of words and features a rather simple image of a piece of fruit. This helps to portray the idea that the juice is 100% natural and contains nothing but fruit.

#8 – The Wild Winter Ale


The Wild Winter Ale is a limited edition beer of which only 3500 bottles were produced. However, unique, quirky and minimalistic product packaging helps to ensure that the beer doesn’t go unnoticed.

Again, white space is a big part of this design, helping to create a clean and simple look and feel for the brand and also, helping to ensure that the tree illustration remains the main focus point of the packaging.

#9 – Yum Chocolate


Most chocolate brands currently on the market make use of luxurious images on their product packaging to help create a sense of desire and increase appetite.

However, the design of the Yum Chocolate packaging (pictured above) has chosen to take a more minimalistic approach. As you can see, the chocolate is colour coded according to the flavour/type but aside from this, the packaging features only the bare minimum amount of details. This creates a fresh clean look.

#10 – Hand Crafted Maple Syrup


Hand Crafted Maple Syrup is perhaps the most beautiful (and minimalistic) brand of maple syrup on the market.

The product packaging is 100% transparent and aims to showcase the beautiful colour and quality of the company’s product. The choice of typography on the label is clean, simple and highly readable. The packaging lets the product do the talking, not the label.

Written by Neil: Neil is a design enthusiast based in the UK. He is currently the Chief Designer for one of the UK’s leading design and print companies