Usability of Web page is the collaboration between Web designers and Content Writers; A combined effort to make a website easy for visitors to find information what they need. Usability is must for a website despite of it’s niche as it doesn’t matter how amazing is your website if its not user friendly. Thats why to control the bounce rate of your Web page, its must to create a Website more user-friendly in addition to search engine friendly. Here we are going to discuss some tips of Web Usability :

To make the thing more clear, list is split into 5 sections –



Anything that enables visitors to access the information on the website.

Faster : Faster a visitor can browse, happier he will be. Its must to keep the processing fast so that users will quickly get what they want and keep coming back to your website. So better to design simple so that visitors are not supposed to wait as wait can make them leave your website.

Rich Media : Rich media such as Photos, Videos, Animations, Graphics can engage a visitor and helps in keeping them on the website for the long time as Rich media can increase readability. But not to use graphics that can hide your navigation menu or important information as this can frustrate the visitor.

Search Bar & Site Map : The most important usability tools that you can offer to your website visitor.

The bigger the site, the more essential the search bar; for better UI stick to the traditional design of Search Bar and keep it at the top, right of the page.

A Site Map is a web page that lists the pages of a web site, organized in hierarchical order; it improves both web page navigation and search engine optimization.

Design : Design is used to improve the UI of web page not to decorate it. Keep your website design as simple as possible as in term of Usability, “Less is Always More” so a website should be simply beautiful & functional.



The most common question of all the visitors while visiting your website for the first time which must be replied quickly, “Who are you?”

Logo : Be sure the company’s logo or name is clear in the header. Place logo in the top-left of all the pages of your website and make it clickable so that it can take visitor back to the home page. Logo helps in making your website’s recall value.

Tagline : A tagline is a statement that clearly describe the website in one phrase. It can help in better understanding the motto of the website by the visitors.



A clear path to the visitor for the information they need.

Simple : Users are very impatient so better to make your navigation system obvious and traditional so that they can easily navigate through it and can simply reach to the information they need. For better UI, keep your navigation menu small and above the fold (i.e. the area of the page that is visible on the screen without scrolling down).

Cookie crumbs : Homepage is not the only entry page of your website so make it clear to users which page they’ve landed on by using Cookie crumbs as it helps visitor to know that what page of the website they are on.

Ex – Home/Category/Product/Price



Design of web page should be such that it ease visitors to read the content.

Strategical Content : The first two paragraphs of your content must contain all the important information as users won’t read whole of the content and the important information that user is looking for should be bold for better UI.

Keywords and Titles : Don’t be a keyword stuffer as this practice can lead to the poor quality of content; focus on how the visitors would look for your information and what words they might use.

The list of Usability Tips is a never-ending one as these tips change with the change in technology. So make sure you share your own tips and tricks with the rest of us.