Panning in photography is a very interesting technique, it used in the fast moving subject, where cameras follow and freeze subject motion in the same position of the frame for the duration of the exposure while adding motion blur in the background.

However, to produce a good photo results with this technique is not easy, it takes a lot of practice to get used to the speed of movement for your hands on the camera toward the subject in different speeds. This technique can ensure that the subject stays sharp even if the background is blurred, with slower shutter speeds and the correct camera movement.

So, lets panning down our mouse scroll to get inspired from 20 examples panning photograph below.

By Tomasito

By Marc Benslahdine

By manganite

By jeremyhughes

By Ammar Alothman

By mortenprom

By Jibbo

By Bruno Guerreiro

By WisDoc

By rAmmoRRison

By B’Rob

By regolare

By shakerk

By gbrummett


By Kees Bunk

By manganite

By moaan


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