The cat is an adorable and funny animals, are generally very close to humans. Then what is the relation of the cat with logo design?. As is generally a logo with animal element therein, it is not easy to use animal element in a logo design, lest in our logo design which supposed to present something that is funny or friendly but it looks so scary, or should a cat but why are look like a tiger.

In this post we’ll show 32 examples of logo design with elements of a cat in it for inspiration. Regarding they fit or not with what is represented by the logo, you own assessment. Which obviously is very cute and adorable, take a look.


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picture126005314339951  css-cat

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8dbfe9f01c27b4502926a4b0f7961c0b  logo-deephousecat

3018a6bd01c911ab93b464d8e4d5651f  hypnocat

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