Represents using the name directly in the company logo design is not much easy as doing a symbolic logo design to illustrate the message. Proper use of typography is of importance key in the design of the logo, it must offer your company name with an elegant and effective, unlike the symbolic logo that can use pictures or symbolic illustrations to portray the message and the nature of the company. You can also experiment with many different fonts to further incorporate the level of creativity in it with confidence, can be use a good color combinations in addition to the use of shape and size of letters to produce a good  and nice looking logo. An advantage is useful for logos that use different typography is to produce logo glimpse distinctive and memorable.

And it must be remembered, typography logo design is not necessarily complicated, a simple majority is more memorable, important and unique is better when it can represent the nature and personality of the company or imaged the message from business is run. The biggest benefits are easily identifiable logo, the typography logo helps in remembering the name of the company, but the typography logo have drawbacks because it can be seen generic if not well designed and creative. Below I have compiled with great care 44 examples of typographic logo as inspiration.

grou   victory-art

Killed-Productions   Saxon-main

femina   twins

sex   negative

damian   ariawan

c8d90478dd69d089327993d02b298f31   4097

3259   talkmore

wave-logo-white-on-black   svet-bytovych-vuni-logo

bbdf9ea5c7afd31c759625ba772365a8   2f5e04500a331f88bf0bc9c1562084c0

main_edn[1]    bff31892303d9054f619effff56ea053

danube   etin

crepers   candy

city-of-melbourne   e990ec1293da90bf3b179ab68773226b

057cb7f327b501433bd3d2b662f2432f   saviva

coffee   bread

rasmus   hussy

imagine    primo

saharan   cobode

edge   coyote

lastrada   rocketon

la-real   beeq

plexus   ave-nude

In addition to the 44 logos logos above there are a lot of well-known brand that is familiar to us all good to be examples, such as Google, Facebook, Coca-Cola, LG, Canon, IBM, Microsoft, etc. You have any advice please leave your comment.