After the international financial turmoil, major organizations and brands are scuttling from here to there for continued existence. The world has experienced big manufacturers and organizations give up due to financial problems. For that reason, major brands in the present day have turned to fast and cost-cutting actions to meet their monetary difficulties. Renowned names like Ford, LG and others have recommended crowdsourcing over freelancing.

Out of the several fast actions, one of the most admired is crowdsourcing. Sites similar to MycroBurst and CrowdSPRING are offering cost-effective crowdsourcing package design for companies to satisfy their design requirements. Formerly, companies used to delegate their additional work to outworker and other freelancers. But that became annoying and expensive for companies. You had to regularly monitor the freelancing events and organize on a regular schedule. Furthermore, the price of doing so was getting more expensive. For this reason, well known corporations started converting their concentration towards the idea of crowdsourcing.

Merits of Crowdsourcing for Top Brands:

Everything has its perks and demerits. For instance, there are many reviews on 99design scam that highlight the disadvantages of crowdsourcing. But the benefits outweigh the drawbacks of crowdsourcing for big entities:


1. Fulfill Monetary Objective:

A typical creative firm or a reputable designer charges a hefty sum to devise a brand. Supposing the figure don’t really matter to big manufacturers and companies, it still contributes to the yearly financial statement. That is where the operating plan can be traumatized by paying too much to delegate your design needs. That’s why using crowdsourcing allows companies to meet their economical objectives with comfort.


2. Quick Project Completion:

In this aggressive world of ruthless competition, companies take instant choices and meet targets within the stipulated timeframe. By freelancing design to a creative agency, you may waste weeks, maybe months to complete. On the other hand, crowdsourcing will yield you a service within a day. The normal project completion duration of crowdsourcing is exceptionally less.


3. Valuable in Economic Slumps:

For organizations trapped in the depression period, it is difficult to shell out money for a company logo. To freelance your design is not a choice as it weighs down their financial statements. However, major crowdsourcing sites are exceptionally valuable in offering quality alternatives within restricted funds through economic slumps.


4. Wide Range of Choices:

Organizations these days have become rational while committing their funds. They deem crowdsourcing to be a superior choice for getting a large range of alternatives to choose from. You can look into any top design contents sites and observe that all of them usually provide over 100 entries per project.


5. Concentrate on Business:

When you delegate your needs to an established design firm, you have to regularly observe the efficiency until the project is not complete. This practice wastes useful resources of a company on unnecessary actions rather than being used on their primary tasks. Alternatively, when you instigate a design contest, numerous innovative professionals provide you with umpteen choices while the process is precise and easy.