Shopping cart abandonment is not an exotic term to people who are into the business of ecommerce. It is one of the often-times happening phenomena experienced by most Magento ecommerce owners. Most ecommerce businesses are striving hard to keep away from this persisting cart abandonment woes to maximize benefits and increase revenues. Regardless of huge volume of traffic created toward the site, a poor shopping cart design with unimpressive features would spoil your entire online business in no time. Hence, it becomes necessary to learn the tricks and trades of shopping cart abandonment and how to stop customers practicing it. Well, the exponential growth of Magento and Internet technology has paved way for formulating new extensions and one such powerful extension capable of sweeping away the shopping cart abandonment sufferings is One-Step-Checkout.

This article is all about the benefits of implementing one-step-checkout extension on your websites and how to eradicate the cart abandonment with ease, at the same to rope in more customers.

Keeps less information on checkout process:

One of the reasons that force users to abandon carts is too much information being demanded during checkout process. Remember, customers love speedy and quick accesses to products compared to time-consuming processes. On installing this nifty Magento extension, unwanted fields and categories can be easily removed which in turn helps the users a lot as it requires only less information to fill up the forms in checkout page. This is a best renowned strategy to enhance the conversion rates effectively.

Offers speedy access:

One of the biggest setbacks associated with multi-page checkout process, you have to revisit the page again to edit any particular information in the previous page. Again, it consumes a lot of time and annoys most users and forces them to leave the site at once. So, by keeping all the relevant details in one single page, it becomes transparent for the users to edit the information as well as check all the details about the orders effectively with great speed. This is what exactly one-step-checkout does! It compiles the checkout page to a single page enabling the customers to experience an outstanding shopping experience with no fuzz.

Updates billing costs and addresses automatically:

This is one of the interesting benefits associated with the one-step-checkout extension. For instance, if you have placed on order for a webcam and before paying for it you made up your mind to buy two more items like SD Camera recorder and headsets. You don’t have to revisit again and include the items in the cart to pay for them. This nifty extension updates the information about the products you have selected as well as their costs effectively. So, your total cost will be sum of all the three items you have bought! Also, the shipping addresses will be automatically fetched from the user profile and it helps save considerable time on re-typing your address again in the shipping payment field. Sound’s cool right!

Ups revenue:

Upping sales becomes incredibly easy using this fantastic extension. No customers would leave your website with such salient features like fast access, simple-to-use functionalities and detailed billing system. In fact, most likely they will get back to your site on a regular basis. All the above-mentioned factors point to improved sales. It has been proved that websites with one step checkout extension installed has improved the revenues of the company more than 65% and you got to believe it.

Installs easily:

Well, most of you would have been wondering about a question, given all the facilities and benefits, will it be easy to install the extension without any hassles and bustles! Yes, it is absolutely simple to set up this interesting extension in your website and it takes less than a few minutes to set up and impress your visitors. In addition, it is completely cost-free and comes out with 3 different editions. Free, Professional, and Enterprise editions. Each edition has unique features and merits to meet the expectations of the owners as well as users. It offers complete control over the checkout page and permits you to customize the page the way you like.

Well, after the introduction of the one-step-checkout extension into the market, the recent statistics over the shopping cart abandonment is believed to have brought down under 62% compared to last year’s 74%. So, it is evident that the shopping cart abandonment rates have considerably come down this year. The features offered by one-step-checkout extension have fascinated the users to a great extent which in turn compel the ecommerce sites again and again.

I hope everyone enjoyed this article and the benefits of having one-step-checkout on your websites. Find the best website offering the one-step-checkout extension with sheer quality and formidable support to up the sales of your business beyond imaginations.

Written by John Christev: John Christev who enjoys writing about technology topics for the web where he can share his knowledge and interest with others. He is currently writing blogs for . Pinterest software