Are you a blog poster? Well, if you are, then here I’ll point out and explain five points on how to profit from your posts by the using photos. You will also know how to optimize your photos for search engines. However, to give you a tip, you will require a unique identity to make an impact. Therefore, do not copy someone, be yourself. You can learn from someone but do not copy the person. Try to find something that will set you apart from other bloggers. Remember, your goal is to design your blog. Therefore, using photos is one way which you can use to be unique.


Step 1: Knowing and understanding your readers

Understanding your readers is the first step that you should know. Try to see if you have an active comment session, as well as try to know the reaction of your readers to the photos used. When doing this, keep in mind that your readers have a choice not to read your article. Therefore, make sure that you have articles and pictures that will attract their attention. For you to attract their attention, you must know what they prefer, and go an extra mile to please them. To make this simple, you will require to know the following:

  • Your audience
  • What they like
  • Give the correct content

Your blog is not about you, it about those people who leave theirs to see yours.


Step 2: Consider or look at your main keyword

As you all know, before writing an article, first you must have a keyword. The keywords should target a certain topic. Therefore, the keyword should be your first concern. However, before jumping to any keyword, first you must consider you targeted group, then the keyword should rotate around them. Now, if your keyword is about food or deserts, then you should use photos that relate to food. In other words, your photos should go hand in hand with the keyword.


Step 3: Look for attractive photos

This is something that you should consider seriously. The reason for this is that people nowadays judge a book by its cover. Therefore, for your post to get most view, you will have to make it neat and attractive. Few points to use to make your content look attractive are

  • Using short sentences
  • Use a different font where there is a point
  • Use short paragraphs
  • Do not write irrelevant points and sentences


Step 4: Optimize your photos correctly/properly

Selecting relevant and lovely photos is not enough. You will require optimizing the following

  • Give it a title
  • Give it the art tag
  • Describe it

This process is remarkably simple when you get used to it. Your photos will help you to make a mark if you use them correctly.


Step 5: Share the photos

To boost your search engines, it is advisable to consider sharing your photos with websites. All you require is a place where one can showcase different pictures on your blog.

For your search engine to be recognized, don’t compete with the big boys, use this easy steps and you will not the difference.