WordPress is the most popular blogging platform that help us to setup website or personal blog easily. Finding the right premium WordPress theme can be a time consuming process. There are dozens of premium theme development companies and countless independent designers. In this post, I will share with you 5 website that you can use to find wordpress themes. Some of them come with sophisticated features and advanced search filtering system.


Themesorter allow us to  find wordpress themes by any combination of category, color, style, features, layout, price and user rating. Every color scheme for each theme is indexed and coupons/deals are tracked as well. Currently they have 1,101 themes by 353 designers from 81 sellers.


Findthemes.net is wordpress theme search engine that helps you find both free or premium wordpress themes. They have searchable free and premium wordpress theme database in the world. Findthemes.net allow you to search for themes from multiple theme providers by category, style, price and number of column. Sophisticated search filtering system make it possible for you to get wordpress theme you need for your website.


QualiThemes is a curated search engine that draws on the most up-to-date, beautifully-designed WordPress themes exclusively available from the most excellent web design studios. All the WordPress themes indexed by QualiThemes are hand picked.


Yellow Themes is a theme search engine for various Content Management System. Yellow Themes has it’s own crawler, they crawl and index theme store sites on regular basis. Right now, they crawled and indexed more than 20 theme stores ranging from WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal and Presta Shop themes.

Theme Finder

This is a unique project by WPCandy that provides a visual search tool for premium WordPress themes from over 30 companies and designers. Screenshots are filtered on your screen in real-time when you choose a color, price or layout at the top.