A theme plays an important role in improving the aesthetics of the website, and adding various rich functionalities to the same. The stakes get even higher, if you hail from a creative background. Here in this article, we shall discuss and appreciate the beauty of various highly responsive and fully functional WordPress themes which creative professionals – primarily artists and photographers and designers can use, to significantly raise the aesthetic value of their websites. In the present day and age, where SMEs are opting for bespoke website theme designing services, you should definitely take out time to follow through this list.


1. Gridly

To begin with, let us provide you with a superlatively simple and easy way to display the images in a fully responsive functionality. The theme displays the images in a grid like functionality and owing to its responsive functionality it adjusts to the varying lengths and breaths of the screens which are being used to view it. The navigation menu at the top is uber simple to use and allows the users to easily navigate from one page to the other.


2. Spun

If you would like for you pictures to do all the talking for your brand, Spun is the theme that you have been looking for, since it gives an utmost classy and individualistic identity to your images, in an almost Tumblr like way. The collection of images which you select is then viewed in a row of black and whites – which works wonderfully in retaining the attention of the users. Besides, just look at the navigation menu – the grey bar comes alive the moment we hover the cursor over it. Besides, with occasional text blogging, you can easily interact with your audience group.

Hence we conclude by saying that Spun is a light weighing, easy to use and clean responsive WordPress theme which allows the users to get the focus right on their strengths and key areas – the content!


3. Ascetica

This is the theme which provides the best mix of both the functionalities – that is the blogging and the images. Where the portfolio section contains all the different ways in which you can display the images on photographs, and the blogging gets to enjoy a pivotal place in the website.


4. Touchfolio

There isn’t a more grand way for you to display your pictures and images than with Touchfolio, an amazingly responsive and minimalist WordPress theme which allows you to do justice to the grandness of the images and offers amazing functionalities as we go about it. The theme also allows the users to create a slick and shiny image gallery and subsequently allow the visitors to your website to browse through the same easily with the arrow keys. Users can simply switch from one gallery to the other with the help of the up and down arrow keys.


5. Simple Photo

A simplified minimal WordPress design theme, Simple Photo allows the site owners to put the focus right where it belongs – on the engrossing images. Besides, you could really interact and build a community around your website, since the theme provides blogging and social media sharing functionalities.

Simple Photo is courtesy Dessign, which contains a riveting selection of premium and free WordPress design themes.


6. Mila

It is a beautiful, beautiful little petite WordPress theme which does not only allows you to display the images in a beautiful layout and change the layout as and when you deem perfect, but also allow the website owners to offer an amazing user experience to the visitors of their website. If you are more of a ‘self employed personnel’ and are looking for something more than just a folio website, this is the theme for you.


7. GridPhoto

You have got pictures, but if along with that you have got words too, this is the theme that you have been looking for. Often, every photograph has a story, and though a picture is worth a thousand words, but if you would like to actually address a few of those words and actually give words to the picture, tell the story, bring attention to a key point which the viewers may easily miss, this is the theme for you.

It provides with both the image uploading features, i.e. the native gallery feature provided by WordPress, and also the provision to upload the images individually each with a line of text. However, the homepage will only reveal the grid of photographs, so that your users are first drawn with the visuals, and later on with the text.

An Endnote

Finally, we have discussed some of the major and though provoking folio websites that we could discover over the vast and expansive internet domain. Of course, there are many more out there, which may have skipped our notice, but these were the websites which best caught the fancies of the critics and users alike. If you intend for a much more bespoke and customized theme, perhaps you may opt for PDS to WordPress theme conversion services, where the professional markup conversion experts take your design file, convert it into robust and fully functional markup and supplement it with the power of the WordPress CMS.

Now, do let us know if you liked these themes in the comments section below.

Written by Mike Swan: Mike Swan is a specialist Web Designer at Markupcloud Ltd. a PSD to WordPress Conversion Company. He possess a huge experience in technology domain and loves all things comes under web Design niche. He is trying to spread his intangible knowledge to maximum people he can, in order to make a parallel platform.