In today’s time, blogging has achieved widespread relevance and acceptance as an effective medium to reach to the public. A lot of users today are stepping out of their fear of being read or expressed and are unabashedly expressing their own selves on the Internet medium, with sense of responsibility and honesty, of course.. The blogging platform is not really limited to simply writing and sharing texts, but substantial feature which you can think of sharing – be it your inclination for photography, a new hobby class, your love for animals and petting, talking about the relationships, dedicating the entire blog for your dream celebrity, or perhaps starting up with a corporate blog, the usage of blogging is immense.

Under the fierce times of commercialization, lot of corporate houses have utilized the power of blogging or advertising and promoting their products and services, and creating an awareness amongst the general public about the brand, its features and etc. Blogging is the sure shot medium to get a stop closer to the Internet users in a little personalized way.

The write up may be of particular interest of those active bloggers who have been looking out to turn their hobby or passion for blogging into a high paying endeavor. Today, your blogs can be turned into a highly profitable venture and that too in very less time, you can be the next millionaire with the help of your blog. The seven online programs which guarantees you monetary benefits out of your blog are discussed in details.

1. Google Adsense


Google Adsense is the undisputed leader in the advertising category and is currently the market leader as far as the Online Advertising Industry is concerned. Every highly ambitious blogger dreams of achieving the Google Adsense Approval. The advertisements via Google Adsense are managed, sorted, administered and maintained by Google itself. They offer you the revenue on a pay per click basis or through the per impression basis. However the problem arises because Google Adsense are really picky about the people they approve. Google Adsense follows some highly strict procedures and guidelines which its users must follow in order to achieve the approval and maintain the same. Otherwise Google Adsense can even discontinue the services by deactivating the account. Some of the other options which are available for fervent bloggers, in order to earn revenue through their blogs are discussed in the below mentioned points.

2. Luminate


Perhaps the best option at present, which helps you to turn your blog into a highly money yielding affair. Luminate Inc was founded in the year 2008, and was previously popular as Pixazza Inc. It is highly profitable online advertising program and currently enjoys the status of being the market leader in making the images much more lively and interactive. It is the pioneer platform for image application and is the best available option for you, if you have shared lot of images on your blog. The functioning of Luminate is very simple and easy to understand. It gets active whenever a user hovers his cursor over the images on your blog. The Luminate icon on the image confirms that it is interactive, and upon the hovering of the cursor, various related products and services, information etc are displayed in the subsequent box. Luminate is able to produce the relevant information and advertise the related products by taking into account the keywords you have put in your image tag and hence comes up with relevant ads.

By acquiring the features of Luminate, you get a minimum payout of $10. The same amount can be received on a PayPal account or through cheques.

Getting an access to Luminate helps in escalating your business to levels beyond imagination. Currently Luminate serves and exhaustive 150 million users each month and has over 30 billion page views annually.

3. adBrite


This is one of the most widely used network for the purpose of online advertising. According to the Media metrix, adBrite is the 10th largest ad network being prominent over the Internet and the survey carried out by Attributor ranked adBrite Inc. sixth largest ad server in the year 2008, enjoying the market share of 2%. For now adBrite serves ads on over 112,009 sites worldwide and has a thorough reach to Three Hundred Million unique users each month. Half of the users are solely from USA. Along with the widespread exposure, with adBrite, your blog receives various services like adbrite Intelligence and adbrite Audience Manager.

The minimum payout offered by adBrite is $100 and the same can be received easily with the standard cheque options.

4. Chitika


Chitika owes its name to a south Indian language – Telegu and its meaning is “in a snap.” chitika Inc. came into existence in the year 2003 and has progressed continuously as a search targeted network for advertising and also as a research firm. The products and services offered by Chitika can be distinguished into three different categories, which are mentioned below:

I) Chitika Premium – Chitika premium performs the task of displaying the advertisements to the visitors who have flocked to the page from various major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and etc.

II) Chitika Local Ad Exchange – This is Chitika’s attempt to bring together the search targeting and local advertising through its Local Ad Exchange (LAX).

III) Chitika Mobile – mobile usage and especially smartphones etc has been a hit with the users and Chitika Mobile is a feature provided by Chitika Inc which permits the typical Chitika Premium advertisements to intuitively transform into the advertisements designed for mobile. The entire conversion is based upon the user agent of the Internet users.

Chitika provides a minimum payout of $10 which you can receive through the traditional means of a cheque or through PayPal subscription.

5. Kontera


It was founded in the year 2003 and since then, has been providing the in text advertising and information services. Kontera Technologies Inc. is an advertising network and the market leader in providing the in text advertising for a website. Kontera Networks are visited by hundred and forty unique monthly users and its advertisements are being adequately used by the majority of top ten thousand websites, the ranking being done on the basis of traffic they get.

The minimum payout which you are entitled to is $50 and the same can be received either from the PayPal account, or through standard cheque.

6. Bidvertiser


Bidvertiser is based on the concept of Pay Per Click and offer content based ads which can be fully customized depending upon your needs. The website owners and the blog owners get the opportunity to trade off their advertisement space to the right prospect automatically by getting the person who has put up the highest bid for the space. Any advertiser has the liberty to directly place their ads on the website and pay on the basis of pay per click model. Besides it supports advertisements of any type, be it banners, buttons, skyscrapers or the inline ads. In addition to that, Bidvertiser also offers an optional affiliate program which can help you earn extra income.

Bidvertiser offers you a minimum payout of $10 which is received through PayPal account, and a $25 payout that can be received through Standard Cheque.

7. Technorati Media


The recent times have experienced an undeniable boom in the use of social networking and social media for various purposes. Technorati media is largest network for advertising across the social media platform. Technorati has built deep routed relationships with various clients and agencies, which enables them to deliver the campaigns in a precise and focused way for top level brands at high CPMs. Technorati Media now boosts of a national sales team with a proven success record from the top notch media companies that include Google, MSN, Yahoo!, IGN, Hearst, CNET, Tribal Fusion, Washington Post, and Time Inc. Thus it gives you an opportunity to participate in the advertisement campaign of top brands and achieve highest possible rates by filling in the remaining details.

The minimum payment amount offered by Technorati Media is $50 and you can receive the payments across PayPal medium or through cheques.

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