“Design is the fundamental soul of a human-made creation that ends up expressing itself in successive outer layers of the product or service”, said Steve Jobs. It’s hardly possible to argue with him since Apple products are not only innovative but utterly stylish. No doubt, a talented designer as well as a good copywriter brings 50% of success to a company. But to be talented is not enough. If you want to have a good record and a well-paid job you must do a little bit more than creating cool images. It’s also important to know where you can present your digital portfolio to the world and thus promote your name. Let’s have a look at several sites suitable for this purpose.



A project launched by Scott Belsky in 2006 as a platform for photographers and designers willing to work on a freelance basis. During years the site has turned into a large network that powers online galleries for Art & Design Institutions and colleges, Adweek, SVA and MTV, collaborates with Linkedin, providing portfolio display on users’ profiles and supplies new employees for Apple, Google, Facebook and other famous corporations and companies. Thus as you see Behance profile is among “must-have” things. The registration is free of charge, and no limits are set for the number of images. So come in and take a load off your feet.

Just don’t forget one thing: if you really want to make your work famous you should also check and appreciate works of other designers. By doing this you attract more attention and visitors to your portfolio what means you get more chances to promote it.



Coroflot is an art-site both for newbies and professional freelance designers. All you need is to create a portfolio with your artworks and a custom URL. The number of images is not restricted so you can add as many pictures as you like. It’s absolutely free; there are no membership requirements, application processes, or invites. The site is open for everyone who wants to share his art-works, get new experience or inspiration.

Coroflot seems to be one of the largest network for any kind of designers and employers, thus if you are a whiz-bang specialist you’ll be among “the odds-on favorites” to get a job or to sell your art-work.



Carbonmade was created by Dave to stock his portfolios in a handy way. Later his friends joined him and helped to improve the site so it became attractive and easy-to-use. Carbonmade offers two types or registration: a free called “Meh.” that allows you to stock 35 images in 5 projects and a paid “Whoo!”one with 500 images in 50 projects, 10 videos and advanced settings. Now the site hosts almost 500 000 portfolios and about 7 691 000 images. Users are divided into groups according to their style: illustrators, photographers, web designers, graphic designers, fine artists, stylists, fashion designers, motion designers, architects and so on.

Carbonmade is easy on the eyes with its fairy interface, hassle-free and requires no HTML.



This site is so popular and well-know that it doesn’t need any introduction. Devianart is a perfect place to promote and stock your images. The registration is free but you can pay for a premium account to get some extra features like opinion polls, forum, and list of guests and so on. The number or pictures is also unlimited. All works are organized in a category structure: photography, traditional art, digital art, 3D, Flash, skins for applications, icons, and even literature. Users also provide tutorials, how-to’s so you may kill two birds with one stone: share your works and knowledge and learn new tricks.

Devianart also provides a possibility to create a quick portfolio of your works that could be easily sent to prospective employer.



Dribbble is a kind of Twitter for designers, but instead of a 140-symol-message you get a 120 000 pixel one. Years ago you could not even access the site without a special invitation to this “high-class network” for digital artists. Now Dribbble is open for everyone but in read-only mode, you still need to merit an invitation to post your works there. The close-access defines the site as an up-market place where only worthy high-quality works are posted. Take it slow and don’t mark it as a twot! If you manage to get an invitation, Dribbble and its system of votes, rates, and comments can really make you famous and put on a par with professional designers.



JPG is a site mostly for professional and novice photographers but art-works also take place here. Though the site was created for people who simply love image-making it’s become quite popular among professionals and employers. You can share your photos or art-works after a simple free registration. There is no space limit what means you can upload an unlimited number of images. If you are interested to meet people whose works are similar to yours you may easily find them in appropriate category.

JPG hosts not only a great number of art-works but various tips and tricks, “ask question, get answer” section, blog and many other interesting features.



I bet you’ve just exclaimed out loud: “What, the deuce, YouTube is doing here?” Yes, you are partly right. YouTube has never been a site for designers. But it has always been a good promotional tool. Savvy? If you choose the right words, the right works and the right places to embed your video you’ll surely have good results. With a simple application like Freemake Video Converter you can create a video slideshow of your art-works, add a song that reflects them most and upload it to YouTube directly from the program. For better results you can also spread the video over various design communities, blogs, forums, facebook or whatever other social network or site. Here is a video guide that explains how to create your own video slideshow and upload it to YouTube.