Since User Experience (UX) is an important factor in your website’s search engine ranking, it then becomes largely tied to your business’ growth. As such, you should be able to provide your visitors with the best online experience to effectively convert them to leads and sales.

Websites that put no emphasis on UX would risk leaving broken or non-responsive pages unchecked and/or providing insufficient information that your visitors need—all of which would drive them towards your competitors instead. To improve your WordPress site’s UX, you can add plugins that can help your site be a better place for your visitors.

1. Broken Link Checker

Nobody likes a broken link. Although some websites have made it a point to create funny or creative 404 pages, it’s still a bit of bother to experience a brick wall when you stumble upon a broken link on your site. One way to deal with this is through the Broken Link Checker plugin. This plugin helps you reduce the time it takes to maintain your links and it even helps you spot the broken links that need fixing.

The plugin also has a number of functions that prevents search engines from seeing your site’s broken links. You can also edit your links from the plugin page without having to manually go through every post.

2. WP Touch

A huge chunk of our population is now connected through mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. One way to capture the mobile market (and have them stay with you) is to optimize your WordPress site to work on mobile devices.

WP Touch is the plugin that enables you to create a simple theme for your visitors who are dropping by your site using a mobile device. The premium version of this plugin would allow you to create customized themes and enable you to include an admin panel on your mobile site.

3. WordPress SEO

Part of user experience is offering exciting content that will entice more people to visit your site. WordPress SEO is a plugin made by Yoast that allows you to find the trending keywords that your audience is using. These keywords would then be vital in creating content that your visitors would actually enjoy reading and take the time to digest.

Websites can benefit from utilizing SEO techniques in the marketing field. Using this plugin allows you to get an even higher ranking in search engines, bringing you closer to your intended viewers.

4. WP Super Cache

Users hate slow loading times, but with the help of WP Super Cache plugin, you can reduce the waiting game for your clients, making your site more attractive and easier to navigate. This plugin caches your pages and minimizes the CSS and JavaScript files, enabling you to optimize the loading times of your website. This also means that you don’t have to create pages over and over again in order to fill up your website.

5. Image Optimizer

Another way to speed up the loading time is by using images that are optimized for the web. Image Optimizer is one of the best tools that allows you to upload images and scale it according to its use. Using optimized images is always good practice because it cuts down on the bandwidth that your users are going to use on your website. This plugin allows you to upload directly to your WordPress server and it even enables you to optimize bulk images.

6. Akismet

Nobody likes spammy comments and messages from bots. The Akismet plugin is an advanced anti-spam service that gets rid of the annoying robotic comments and spam messages. The people behind this technology are constantly improving their plugin to ensure that spam comments won’t last long on your website. Instead of manually deleting the comments on your own, you can simply install this plugin and allow it to filter out the annoying spam messages instantly.

7. Provide Support Live Chat

Even though you have a website that’s easy to navigate, some users might still find it hard to understand a particular content or they simply have a question you haven’t addressed in your FAQs.

One way to make sure that they have a good experience with your site is to offer a live chat function that will connect them directly to your support team. A live chat button on your page would appear so that users can be instantly in touch with you. This plugin also allows you to monitor your webpage to give you insights about the online behavior of your visitors when they’re on your page.

Using these easy to install WordPress plugins would give your visitors an experience they would gladly share with their friends and family. An improved UX would also give them more reasons to come back to your site. Which of these plugins have you used and how did they affect your site’s UX? Let us know in the comments section below.