Local marketing is challenging. Busy people don’t pay much attention to marketing messages, unless they really standout. In recent years, plastic postcards have caught on because they grab attention while converting prospects into clients. If you haven’t used a plastic postcard printing service yet, you’re missing out on an amazing source of new business.

Catch Their Attention: Plastic Postcards Stand Out!

Junk mail is boring. Plastic postcards are not. People don’t think these cards are ‘junk‘ because they use eye-popping colors and crisp text to capture attention. They engage Prospects from the moment they first lay their eyes on one of these unique marketing tools. Use colors and text that jumps off the page to assure a high response rate.

Work With a Plastic Postcard Pro Who Knows How to Get Results

If you want success with your next marketing campaign, hire a plastic postcard printing professional who has successfully worked with other clients. Not all services are equal. Work with proven pros who understand the subtleties of this type of local marketing.

Plastic Postcard Appeal to Specific Audiences

Direct marketing is effective because you know the who, what, where, and why of your marketing campaign. Plastic postcards are effective because they’re tailored to targeted clients who respond to the offer in droves. Always target your audience and craft a specific offer. There’s no such thing as a one size fits all postcard solution.

You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression

First impressions count! Sending a plastic postcard to a new prospect tells them you mean business. They eye-catching cards capture their attention and then draw them into your world. These cards work great for getting prospects to take action. A strong call to action and a directly targeted mailing list keeps your phone ringing and your website hopping.

Never Forget the Call to Action

It’s surprising, but some people try local advertising without a strong call to action! That’s missing the point. A well-crafted call to action is the best way to get a positive return every time.

Make the Postcard About your Prospects

Don’t bore people with a postcard that talks about your company. Most people’s favorite subject is themselves. There’s no quicker way to lose someone’s interest than to use jargon or the word ‘we’ too much. Nobody likes a long-winded blow-hard. Tell your prospects what’s in it for them. Clearly outline what benefits they get from taking your offer.

Keep Your Language Simple and to the Point

Cut out confusing words and language. Crisp language and sharp images get results. Your postcard should appeal specifically to your audience in words they understand. Marketing companies bombard people with messages each day. The only way to get their attention and keep it is to jump out of them from their cluttered mailbox!

Get Started Today

The best time to start a postcard campaign was a year ago. The second best time is today! Don’t delay any longer. The success of your business depends on well-crafted, effective campaigns that target your ideal prospects. Plastic postcards fit the bill. They deliver the types of results that push sales and improve profits. Neglecting this direct response strategy will only hurt. Your competitors already know about the advantages of this strategy. You need to fight back and get your share of the market.