Getting on a roll with an effective web marketing program and Joomla development services requires three main characteristics to be incorporated into your strategy: Be Consistent, Persistent and Newsworthy!

Consistency and persistence seems to be a simple concept that too often gets forgotten. Youthful stories such as the “Tortes and the hair” try to imbed the value of being persistent and consistent in us yet is it so easy to forget this principle or get distracted. Starts and stops can easily take you off course or leave you sleeping while opportunity passes by.

In the online world of the web and the information highway folks expect up-to-date and relevant information consistently or they simply turn to other sources. Especially if it is about Joomla! CMS

Having newsworthy and regular content updates is critical for feeding this hungry audience across the web.Generating eventful and relevant content on a regular basis can build a significant catalog of searchable content over time that will give your site value and more importance for verifiable trust factor. People are looking for a voice of authority and confidence that you understand what they need or are looking for. This trust factor especially holds true once others comment and share opinions or additional information related to or about your content.


If all three of these characteristics can be harnessed into your online marketing program and you can streamline Joomla development services into it, you have much greater chances of success. Here is a brief list of some of the things you can do to see results over time with your online marketing.

  • Generate regular content and syndicate links and references to this content on industry specific portals. Sometimes creating multiple versions of these articles can give you more traction across the blogosphere if you can find some relevant sources to repost your articles with link backs.
  • Creating Regular articles with current information shows you are reaching out and providing a resource for dependable subject matter expertise thus building confidence and trust in the marketplace. “Who are they most likely going to then contact when they have a need?”
  • Always maintain the security and functionality on your web sites. The last thing you need is to lose a visitor that you worked so hard to attract because you have a broken link to content or something that leaves the viewer with a less than positive impression. If your site gets hacked it could not only shut you down or compromise your data but significantly reduce the confidence of your visitors in your offerings.
  • Connect with social networks and post interesting and relevant content on a regular schedule. If your comments or input gets “”groundswell” attention this can significantly bolster traffic and awareness.
  • Stay informed on social trends and effective techniques for use of technology and tools. Find regular sources for staying informed so that you can avoid wasting efforts on outdated communication practices.
  • Review your target keywords you use in generating your content and monitor how they perform. Do not be afraid to transition in and target new keywords if the old ones lose traction.
  • Where ever possible tie in your web marketing with your offline marketing so they can complement each other.
  • Find or create news worthy information that you can syndicate and generate reasons for link backs to your web site. Press releases often stay in archives on line that can impact your page ranking and SEO significantly.

To be the most successful you must plan to invest time and treasure over a long period of time, Listen to your customers, track the results of what you push out through your campaigns and have patience in the process. “Rome was not built in a day” and neither will an effective ongoing marketing program.

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