Seasoned bloggers and webmasters know that when it comes to having your own website, it is essential to know each type of web hosting service that you will be choosing from. It is crucial for your website because each web hosting type serves a main purpose and has its own advantages and disadvantages. For instance, shared hosting is cheap but has limitations while reseller hosting is for those who are planning to start their own web hosting company, and so on.

In this article, you will learn about VPS hosting. It is just one of the many options but, again, it is essential for you to know about every available option so you can be sure that you can choose the best one for you and have your money’s worth.

VPS stands for virtual private server. VPS hosting is also known as VDS hosting or virtual dedicated server hosting. It works by allowing owners of websites to share a dedicated server just like in a shared hosting service. The difference is that VPS technology lets the owner of the website have full control and management of his or her installed applications in the server.


Advantages of VPS Hosting

Having your own dedicated server can be very expensive while sharing a server with others can be troublesome and limited. Many people prefer VPS hosting because it is like a mix of a dedicated and shared server taking the advantages of both and combining them. It has exclusivity just like a dedicated server and does not have a bulky price just like a shared server.

Before the cloud came in, VPS hosting is considered to be a ground-breaking advancement when it comes to partitioning servers into multiple virtual machines. It gives the same amount of RAM and CPU that is not shared with others like that of a dedicated server. Likewise, you can reboot it anytime you want without the affecting other websites. Because of its cost-effectiveness, it is deemed to be the future of modern web hosting.

VPS hosting has become immensely popular to website owners because it grants them the capability to host their own site in an exclusive and private server which is unaffected and independent from other websites. They can also configure the server based on their own needs and preferences as if they really have a dedicated server.

Many VPS systems can function as an individual process within a single web server. As a result, it can provide complete privacy to the host or account owner and give dedicated root access with sufficient CPU resources, guaranteed bandwidth, adequate memory, disk space, and many others.

Evidently, VPS hosting is advantageous and desirable not only for the customers but also for the web hosting companies themselves. Nowadays, most web hosting companies provide VPS hosting because it also relieves them of the hassle of monitoring and maintaining servers since the clients already serve as their own server administrator.

The Disadvantages of VPS Hosting

On the other hand, a VPS is not for those who cannot really manage their server. You must have significant knowledge as you will be your own server administrator. You have to regularly maintain your server and install patches for security and system updates. Thus, it will take your time and effort.  Fortunately, there are VPS hosting providers who offer materials that will guide their clients in operating the server.

Furthermore, you have to be aware that VPS hosting is still not as good as dedicated server. Although it gives you a definite amount of system resources, you still have to share hardware resources with others who are hosting on the same physical server.


Looking For A Good VPS Hosting?

If you have decided to get a VPS hosting service, the next issue is how you can get a good one. Just like any other web hosting service, you should be wary when choosing your service provider and make sure that you are not in for a scam. You must read hosting reviews and test the responsiveness and professionalism of the company.

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