Web development is a technique involving a lot of activities like changing web designs, content or any network oriented protection etc. it can be either done on a website having few pages or a website covering a great part on the internet.

It is best if an owner of a website keeps on making some developments on a website. It will increase his profits by pacing up the traffic on the website. Following tips will help you out while developing something new on your website.

Tips to work on

1. Design easy domain name

2. Choose a web host which is efficiently fulfilling your requirement

3. Choose some tools to design your website

4. Manage your project at its best

5. Handle the entire database with care

6. Create site maps

7. Content preparation

8. Network security

9. Content’s fonts and designs

10. Be careful while using images or videos

11. Data must full fill the need of users

12. Accessibility over web


· Design easy domain name

Keeping a domain name with lots of full stops and commas and other punctuations may cause confusions while typing a URL. So for the convenience simple domain names must be used so the users may easily memorize it and must be opened with or without a famous domain name.

· Choosing an efficient web host

A web host must be chosen keeping the services offered by him under consideration. It should provide your website with enough memory on disk, bandwidth etc. do communicate the security issues with your web host before launching it online.

· Choose some tools to design your website

To create your website it’s not necessary to use a close system like adobe or coral instead of it you can use other open source softwares which gives you the best services like them e.g. Inkscape, filezilla, tweet deck, notepad++ etc are such softwares.

· Project management should be perfect

Your website should look somewhat close to realistic expectations of the audience. Haste makes waste so have time to think over the best possible designs, tagline and designs to produce the best idea. Make a list to sequence work in order so you can finish up all within the time.

· Handle entire database with care

Users and visitors of your website are not just visiting your website but some also get registered by entering their personal information. The owner should take care of this thing that all the data, passwords and other contact details must be kept safely in order.

· Create site maps

Site maps provide facility of using the informative links related to the web site. Your visitor will never feel to search for extra information by searching for it from the beginning.

· Content preparation

One of the pillars of a good web site is its quality content which facilitates its users in the right way by providing useful data to them. Never misguide your visitor by putting other unrelated data under some other heading.

· Network security

Keeping check on the security of a website is very important as the most efficient one is always among the top ones in the search engine. After every 3 months refresh settings of security of your website and keep making them as strong and protective as you can. Copyright protection and patenting is necessary as it shows your website’s authenticity.

· Content’s fonts and designs

Keep the fonts and designs in a flow so the user may not be distracted extravaganza of your website. Don’t use bright colors and moving designs or some other catchy stuff which will divert your viewer’s attention from the content and results in closing down your site.

· Use images and videos carefully

Don’t use lots of images and videos on your website as it causes a lot of distractions and in the end your traffic just enjoys the objects and closes your website without even scanning your site.

· Data must full fill the need of the user

Put useful and updated content on your website because people are in search of genuine valid information. Use attractive sub headings so the user can have a look directly to what he is looking for.

· Accessibility over web

Your website should be in reach of every person sitting in every corner of the world. Don’t consider any group of people as a minority or not essential for our website because you never know where you are loosing a customer or group of customers.

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