Yes, they can. Those tiny bits of paper can set your business soaring in no time when created the right way and handed to the right prospects. There are a few tricks you can do to get your business cards to work for you and bring in the money.


Trick #1: Always Have Them Handy

Never leave home without it. It’s one of the staple elements in your marketing strategy. You’ll never know who you’ll bump into. And it is always best to be prepared to give your contact details and create new connections for future partnerships.

It’s your the gateway to a future encounter. When you give out your business cards, you allow your potential clients access to you 24/7. When the need for your business comes, you are just an email or phone call away.

One of the biggest oversights of even the greatest businessmen is forgetting to bring their business cards with them. Missing the opportunity to share your business cards is like pushing your prospects towards the competitor. (photo courtesy of


Trick #2: Choose a Design That Will Create an Impact

Your business card should be more than a piece of paper with your logo and contact details. Make sure the design, typography, and type of paper you use not only reflect your image, but also shout out “Get me, hire me!” The combination of these elements can greatly influence your prospect’s impression of you and your company. Visual presentation is a great factor being considered in choosing a brand or company.

Business cards add a personal touch to your marketing strategy. Aside from coming straight from your hands, they are a reflection of you and your business. The design, color, and paper type gives your prospects a better idea of what you and your business is like.


Trick #3: Make Use of that Blank Side

Make those little ones bring in some cash. With a few additional information, you can create a power marketing tool without spending more. The back of a business card can contain a list of your products or services. If you own a restaurant or café, you can use this to contain your list of offers and become a miniature menu. If you are a retail shop owner, this can double as a discount coupon. Or you can offer a free item on the first visit. Own two businesses? You can have their details on each side. By utilizing the blank side of your business card, you have just turned it from a contact reference into a powerful marketing tool.


Trick #4: Use It to Start a Conversation

Don’t stop with handing out your business card using your two hands as a polite and professional gesture. Say something about it. If your vanity number is on your card, mention something that goes, “I have my vanity number on that card so it will be easy for you to recall my number when you want to get our services.” Or you can elaborate on what you have placed at the back side – say something about the discounted items or offer, tell them what your house specialty is, or you can introduce your other business.


Trick #5: Ask for Their Business Card

Instead of giving out your card and waiting for them to contact you, be proactive and ask for their business card as well. There is nothing wrong with saying hi every once in a while to see how your prospects are doing and asking if there is anything you can do for them. Having their contact details will also allow you to invite them to your store when you have a sale scheduled, or if there are new offers you want them to try. (photo courtesy of

Small businesses can benefit from turning their business cards into a multi-functional tool. With limited budget for marketing, this can bring in more customers without spending more. Print Place offers printing for double-sided business cards and can deliver within one day. In addition, they guarantee to match any lower priced product if you find any.

The days when the only thing accentuating your business cards is your logo is over. With a lot of great layouts and designs available for you to choose from, why not choose to put things that can draw your customers closer to you? Providing these details will most likely make them think of you or your establishment first. And if they were hesitant at first, those free stuff and discounts might do the trick.

Written by Michelle Rubio: Michelle Rubio is a freelance writer. She writes about almost anything under the sun – practical insights, design, bodybuilding, legal matters, insurance, technology, and business. She is particularly fond of topics concerning creative design and marketing, and how they impact small businesses.