Congrats, the design looks impressive and yours greatness as a designer is quite obvious. But wait, what about the Call to action page. It does not look that much awesome and if I am not wrong, the wow effect is conspicuously missing here. It seems the page is missing out on love and dedication from your part which are so prominently present in the rest of the parts of the design, be it main interface or the navigation. But this should not be the case. Call to action, contrary to your belief, is the most vital part of a website. It is the page that causes the conversion and if you do not give much attention, it can cause havoc with the conversion process and users may bounce back with a heavy heart. Now in this tough economic scenario, you should not let this happen. Here we are going to include some common errors that usually cause the disaster:


Do Not Get It lost:

Are you sure that the Call to Action button look prominent? Featuring a call to action button against a bright background is certainly not going to help you see the best of the time. But this is one of the common mistakes committed by majority of website designers. So, when you are designing a call to action button, you need to make sure that you are not placing the button at the back of something bright otherwise, it is the background that will hog all the limelight and your visitors might miss out on the button that cause all the conversion.


Do Not Push It into Clutter:

Yah, I know, you have repeatedly been told and taught that all the vital elements of the page should be featured in the Above the Fold section. But unless you have the Harry’s magic wand, you are most likely to make a mess out of it. Featuring all the elements can lead to extreme visual distraction that goes against the very basic of website design. If you are adding too many elements, call to action button is most likely to fail to seize the attention of the visitors and the visitors probably have the feeling that they are lost in the maze of graphical jungle.


Give text Due Importance:

Just having a bright and bubbly button is not going to do the trick. You can find loads of them in the navigation. It is the text that makes it easier for visitors to have an idea what they are supposed to do at the very first look. Do not try any trick here as it is not a good idea to play hide and seek with the visitors. It is better to use some clear text like – “Contact US”, rather than going for some vague terms like – “Click here” (I do not understand why they are supposed to “Click Here” or there when there is no certainty that they will get something nice and interesting).


Do Not Overdo:

The purpose of designing a great Call To action button is not pushing the visitors all the time to contact you. Rather it is just the opposite. Call to action button helps visitors contact you when they need some help or your service. So, you should not put all the attention to it making rest of the others elements look secondary. Great content, great design and great interface all do remarkable job in making visitors confide faith in you and this will go a long way to get them convert. So, try to maintain a balance while designing a Call to Action button.


Placement & Location:

It is not just the color combination and text, rather it is also the placement and location of the Call to Action button that are equally important. Do not place it at the bottom of the page as very few people would take the pain to scroll down and click onto that button. Place it either at the left or the right of the above the fold section and you are good. However, it is good practice to place two call to action buttons, one at the top and one at the bottom of the page so that visitors do not need to scroll up again to contact you. Just apply your common sense and you will have a better world to live.


Rule of Thumb:

Ok, so you have got everything to make your call to action a great success. Now, here I am going to add some quick fire tips. Here go they:

  • KISS – Keep it simple stupid
  • Have a semblance of Urgency
  • Use some proactive words like – Call, Now, Today,
  • Do Not make it too Long
  • Always try Split testing

Try them and conversion is guaranteed.