It can be difficult to get quality catalog printing done at an affordable price. Many people are cautious in today’s e-commerce world to get into print marketing, especially with catalogs. Let’s take a look at exactly why catalog printing matters.

When you invest in expensive, ill performing online marketing, much of your effort get’s wasted. This is because the modern consumer shopping online knows how to auto spam their email ads and ignore banners they don’t want to see. This is where direct mail comes in. Direct Mail is sent to the prospective customers addresses, where they have to at the very least pick up and look at your catalog before they choose to discard it. Even if only a small percentage of the views of your products become buyers, compare the one hundred percent impression rate of the direct mail, to the average one percent rate of email? Direct mail print marketing matters – and catalog printing is the best way to feature your products to prospective clients. A printed catalog is like having your entire website printed and ready to view the second it lands in the right hands.

Catalog Design Examples

So why aren’t you printing company catalogs right now? You might be a bit scared to invest in these successful printed marketing materials when many printers are of such low quality. Catalogs need a particular amount of skill and expertise to print, because they can have hundreds of pages and are bound with hot glues and saddle stitching. A wrongly printed catalog can hurt the appearance of your business, and is an expensive investment to risk money on.

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