Designers with a negative space into the design when they want to create something extraordinary. Negative space means the space between and round the subject in the design. In the design the use of negative space technique has become a key component included in the logo design, it becomes as important as positive space in conveying the meaning and used to create conceptual designs and unique logo.

Designing creative and attractive design depends on the creative approach of the designers. Using negative space in the logo design does not only create eye-catching look but also lets you convey your message effectively. Thinking of negative space as another color in your design, the white space around and within your logo and use it to advantage.

In this collection consists of 44 logo designs with Negative Space are very inspiring, creative and diverse. Can be an inspiration in designing a powerful and unique logo to bring the magic in your logo design if you managed to balance the negative and positive space in your logo design.


green-one  eco-dive

unholy-undergarments-logo  pink-flamingo-farm

potrait-photo  main_edn

food-writers_m  stci

dog_care_veterinary_by_garychew-d36l7wa  share-our-strength

beat_fettish_by_vernics-d3a4ne1  silk-skin

ass  eac246c01df3c1f97a7dacf93e23902c

pagepro  a954aa1071ba229d4736a71fc9a8b165

ch  salmovac_logo_large

SHARK_ATTACK_Vasvari_big  WATER_DROP_vasvari_big

elefont_r  cafe_m

blue-dog  20b8b7bb62f41b6619dbc16d3762e87d

green_m  56fd22d129d9bf6b21e853361eb1264a

1ffa1ab48835da7eaffd9a386052ea88  quickmeals_m

ya_m  sex_m

adobe-logo  f1

fedex  nbc

snooty-peacock-logo-2  grace

e2328f37a8e7aa790dc7d94be93a716d  ff929d07aed41ca6bb55ab7e9904b834

human  a4aed9e9f5ff1c0dd4e7fd3c5033874b

4699  naturalwine

Hope-for-African-Children-Initiative  riot