Simple and clean web designs are an evergreen trend. There are some traits that are shared by all clean web designs. Here we will discuss these traits and the techniques that you can use to clean up your web page.

The web page layout

The basic structure of the grid should be well thought out. In order to do this, imagine rows and columns that divide all the elements on the page into a perfectly well balanced composition. Following this grid will give your page a good sense of pattern and order. The grid should be the basis for the scale and placements of the components of the webpage. It yields consistency and rhythm to your page.

Getting the layout right can be quite challenging, if your site offers a large amount of content. But if you follow a good grid, this process gets simplified.


Good typography is all about getting more out of less. Restraint is essential when you want a clean looking web page. Avoid the use to too many typefaces as they tend to clash, giving a disjointed appearance. Choose one or maybe two typefaces, you can then add variety by changing their size and color, in order to establish hierarchy. The space given between lines can also make a web page look appealing. Make sure your letter spacing is also consistent.


Color palette

Although the colors you can choose from are vast, remember to limit yourself. Use neutral shades combined by one or two other colors to add uniformity. Colors that are more vibrant should be used for important elements, so that they catch the reader’s attention. If you plan on pushing past say two colors, use them sparingly. The colors used should not only look good, but also echo the site’s content.


When it comes down to imagery, make sure that it is consistent all over the site. Ensuring harmony of visual elements can be quite tricky, but they do add a powerful finishing touch. The quality, composition and depth of field should be similar in all images on a page. This ensures that viewer’s look at images as a whole rather than as distinct, distracting elements. Sometimes, this may not be practical, but the use of graphics like borders and other such elements can give a more uniform appearance.

Simplify and tweak

While planning you page design, it is normal to come up with designs that are complex. Do not worry, initially don’t limit yourself and add all the layers you want. Once this is done, begin to break it down and simplify. Look at what you actually need and get rid of the rest. Getting an outside opinion may also be useful.

Spend a lot of time tweaking. Just changing small details and trying out variations of different elements like color shades, sizes and other thing that seem inconsequential could make a world of a difference. So keep tweaking till you find exactly what you are looking for.