If you see a bunch of users sitting in an isolated room using various designing tools on separate operating systems, you can easily guess that it’s a design agency. But in the world of today where design industry has become a war zone, things have become quite difficult to run a successful design agency, because, when one gets to know the basics, he/she thinks that a design can be easily carved out according to the project briefs provided by the clients. No matter what the occasion is, design agencies compete with one another as if they are at war and the one wins who is most creative. What should a design firm do to attract more and more clients and have a stream of logo design or website design orders? There are some steps that one can apply and win the War of Designs.

A Focus on Details:


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Clients are always in a hurry and they want things done immediately. So don’t forget to provide authentic contact details of your firm. Don’t force your clients for irrelevant briefs, this will do nothing but force them to run away. Provide short details of your services and make your own identity (logo) a symbol of quality and trust.

Show Your Best:

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Do you want to show your design work to your prospect clients? Then you must show the best that your firm’s in-house designers have come up with and show no more than 10 or 20 design examples on your business website or any other media based channel you are using. You have to show your best because people of today need the best.

Place a feedback Form or a Testimonials Section:


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A satisfied client would always say something positive about your company. For a review, you must place a feedback form or a testimonials section at the end of every project that you have completed and delivered to them. Once you get that feedback, place it in the testimonials section. This will encourage the prospect clients to trust you easily.

Clear Terms & Rates:


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To satisfy a client or a number of clients, it is better to provide clear details of your terms and conditions on which you work and how much do you charge for when it comes to a design project. This will enable your clients to trust you and consider you as a proper design agency rather than a hoax.

People of today want the best, because this is what they pay for. To show one’s self as the best in the related field of work! One should represent his/her work of art and deliver according to the promises made.

steve Written by Steve Colin: Steve Colin is a content writer. He writes content for Logo Inn. Logo Inn is a logo design company, famous for creating company branding solutions, which provides Custom Logo Design, brochure design, Website Design, Banner design.