If you are planning to set up your own website and are looking for ways to designing it well for attracting a great deal of users, following ways are going to help you for sure.

1. Color themes and combinations

If you have certain set of colors on your company’s logos or symbols, then it’s easy to take a start. You can begin with playing with those colors to give an overall theme to your site. For those who have to start from a scratch, begin with 2 or 3 colors to in designing a general theme for the site. Make sure that the color theme stays consistent on every page. Do not color every page with a different color. Keep the whole website stick to one general theme. You can use (yellow, red, and white), (white and blue), (white, grey and red), (orange, white and blue), or (white, yellow grey). These are the most commonly used color combinations in designing websites.

2. Templates

If you cannot find a good website from which to take ideas, you can then go for templates. There are a number of templates available on the web which you can use to design your site perfectly. Templates come along with software for designing the site or you can surf the internet for some sites that provide individual template designs and some sites offer these templates for free f cost.

3. Incorporate an easy navigation system

This is the most crucial point to remember in web designing. Make sure your users find it convenient to look for things they desire on your site. Exceptionally designed websites have navigation bars placed at either the top of the web page or at the extreme left of the page. It’s advised to follow this pattern when placing navigation system on your site. Rule of thumb = place the navigation system at the top of each page so that users do not have to go back over and over again to the first page.

4. Do not overdo effects

While it is good to add effects to boast the appearance of your website, overdoing with effects and design might create a mess on your site. Overly designed website will distract the readers and they are likely to leave the page. Also, websites with too much of effects and graphics take too long to load.

5. The background

Use a background on which the text can be viewed clearly. Dark color backgrounds demand light colored text, and light colored backgrounds demand dark colored texts so that the readers can read the content easily. Also make sure that the links on the website are appropriately colored before and after the visit.

6. Separate window for external links

If you have incorporated external links at your site, make sure a separate window pops up for each link. In this way, visitors can return to your page with much ease after they have visited the external links on your site.

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