Today, everybody knows the importance of Social Media. Everyone is familiar with the efficiency and effectiveness of it. So, if you really want to grow yourself, you should show your quickness and short briefness. Few people don’t pay their fully attention to their blogs and also do not check it for long time, which is not a good sign for a blogger and also for reputation of a website. May be that is why Twitter set their character restriction of 140 words.


On Twitter, it is necessary to brief shortly within 140 characters, so that is why you need to write the things exactly. So in this article, I would like to share the process to expand your vision with blogging tips for social media.

Quickly Come to the Point

When you are writing an article keep in mind that people should get benefit from it. While you are writing an article, this is also very necessary that you should quickly come to the point. People are interested in reading your article because they find their concern in your blog. Reader must know quickly the purpose of your article.


Add Related Links

Always use related link because it can be good. If you are writing about any specific thing or product, simply add related link in your article on suitable point. But remember do not uses link too much while you are writing, it can leave negative impact for your article. Also keep in mind, don’t use irrelevant links in your blog.


Add Video/Photo in Blog

Blogs with related photos always attracts to readers. Try to add photos or videos in your blog because sometimes photos or videos deliver more effectively as compare to your content. In simple words a picture has thousands of words because it can talk to its viewer, and that’s definitely true.


Update Blogs Regularly

You should make a schedule to update your blogs regularly. Determine the days in week to update your post, this schedule of blogging will be easy for you to stay modernized. There is no specific time suggested from me, it does not matter that you are updating in morning or in night but the main thing is to post your blog regularly.


Use Keywords

This is one of the most important tips that you should use keywords in your article while you are writing. Keep in mind that those keywords are not misusing or using more than the requirement. Today, it is very necessary to use accurate keywords for blogging. The use of keyword is also a technicality in itself. Put your keywords on the right place according to your content.


Write Headline to Index Easily

Use headlines in your article because this is another important tip to make your blog easier and beneficial for reader as well as simple to scan for search engine. This tip can help your blogging more effectively to improve its worth. This tip is more beneficial for those bloggers who post their blog more than 500 words.


Always Stay Social

To improve your skills and also worth, it is very necessary for you to keep posting your blogs on social websites. You will find lots of feedback and comments regarding your blogging. From their questions, suggestions, tips and also with your answers you will gain more knowledge and experience about blogging.

Written by Annie Hintsala: Recently he is working on business debt consolidation. Annie Hintsala is a passionate gadget, tech and insurance writer. She loves to write on social media and latest marketing trends.