Getting a PSD to WordPress website made is not the end of the war; it is merely the starting of the one. Although we are talking about one of the most competitive content management systems a website may possibly be powered with, yet as a meticulous and ambitious business owner, there are quite a few things you would like to take care of.

Here, in this article, we intend to assemble our years and years of experience and share expert guidance and knowledge on managing a website, and ensuring that your businesses flourishes along with it. Kindly read ahead to know more:

Running your Business with WordPress

WordPress is not just a tool to own a website, but with its expertise and advanced features, there are just too many things which you can do with WordPress, and let us remind you that all of these things are highly commercially viable as well. Here are a few of our suggestions and considerations that you may do, now that you have an amazing and bespoke HTML site to WordPress theme in place. We shall start from the very basic and discuss several other highly unique and out of the box features:

Finding your niche

Just because you can do a million things with your WordPress blog or site, does not mean that you need to. Be focused and aim at specializing. Have a targeted business and strategic plan in place before going over the board with your web property.

Have you met WordPress Collaboration yet?

We are strong supporters of collaboration and WordPress as a platform, with its “save as drafts” functionalities, functionality to schedule posts, various plugins and widgets etc, one can easily create a collaboration platform. Remember what they taught about Synergy in the business school? Two or more people combining their efforts and ending up achieving something so great that neither one of them could have achieved alone. Same is true for the collaboration platform which WordPress provides. If you are thinking of starting a blog, why not invite other bloggers to work with you. With you bringing your niche specific expertise, along with others, united, you all would be like a force of nature – truly astonishing and completely unstoppable.

Reach out to your mobile audience

Mobiles and smart phones and different handheld devices have provided for a fast growing and highly untapped market potential. Just a responsive design or an app is not enough – you truly need to get out of the box, own a mobile specific website with simple layout and merited features and develop a multilingual website specific for the mobile phones.

And now, in the section below, we shall discuss what all you can and you must do in order to maintain and sustain your WordPress site, and to look after its longevity.


Managing Your WordPress websites

From conceptualizing to posting to promoting the content on your website, from informing about a service, to selling products online, to ensuring secure transactions – there is well about a million things (plus / minus a few if you may,) that you can do with your WordPress site. But to limit the scope of our undertakings here, we would concentrate primarily on the security of your website and creating a sturdy backup in case of online theft or loss. Read ahead to discover more:

Ensuring optimum security of your WordPress websites

If you thought that just getting a WordPress site made was enough, you are about 7 years late today. While in a “7 Year Before” world, such an ideology might have worked, but sadly enough we live in the “After” world and truth be told, you WordPress website is really vulnerable and susceptible to hacks and other cyber crimes, especially if you are not doing enough to protect it.

In addition to installing a few plugins and playing for your site’s security, here are a few more things that you may do:

  • Remove the clutter – Remove any old software or installations that you might have made. If you do not need them anymore, those plugins or software components have no business being there in the backend.
  • Be a frugal skeptic in providing access – seriously, not everyone needs to be the admin of your WordPress site – it is a serious business, not an old high school reunion. Hence, make only most trusted and resourceful allies of yours, the admin of your website or blog.
  • Keep strong passwords with variations – your first crush, your high school sweetheart, the pet that died when you were 7 or 17 (we are deeply sorry for your loss though,) has no place as your password. Neither does sequences like ‘12345’ ‘abcd’ pr even ‘a1b2c3’ etc. Use a combination of numbers and symbols and do not put the same password for different web properties.

And if in case the prevention fails you, here is a protective measure against losing your beloved website out to various unhealthy cyber elements.

Backing your website

The website can still get hacked or the server may fail you, and it is going to be beyond your control; but what you can control is backing up against all these elements. If you rely on the regular back up options, you probably need to redefine your strategy. While we do recommend various services like Backup Buddy and Vault Press etc for backing up your website, it is also important that you regularly check that backup is working and is up to date.

And End Note

So, our tips spree ends here. Got more of them? Share the same with us in the comments section below.

Written by Mark: Mark is a technical writer and WordPress enthusiast, currently in close professional vicinity with a leading HTML to WordPress Theme Conversion Company. Get in touch with her in order to turn your website ideas into realities.