With the objective of adding more impact on the design, its usability and user perception, Facebook has recently gone for a complete makeover in its page design with new features and improvements. Here we bring for you a complete synopsis of the changes and renovations that Facebook has rolled out in their Pages.

To make it more easy and effortless for users, Facebook has undergone many design changes. With new modification in Facebook Pages, not only the designing section but also the user interface has gone for a massive change. Read through to get enhanced about some of the prominent change in design features that are hoped to help Facebook make it bigger in the market:

Getting Tagged

Placed just above the Wall, you will also get to see a new photo strip section introduced in the new Facebook design. In this section, those photos are exhibited in which another brand or individual has tagged you or your company.

Cut in Profile Picture Size

With execution of the new design of Facebook page, your profile picture is going to be a little shorter in size as the maximum size for the profile picture has got reduced from 200x600px to 180x540px.

Adieu to “Standard Tabs”

With the objective of providing easy accessibility for users, the new design of Facebook comes without the ‘standard tabs’ that you used to see at the top of the Facebook page. Now you will find it on the left hand side of the page in a listed form, i.e. just below the profile picture. This new change of tabs is definitely a step forward that displays a balanced synchronization between the design interface and the user’s profile.

Hide or Unhide Post

Ensuring better access and functionality to users so that they can enjoy more control on their profile, Facebook’s new design comes with ‘Admin View’ option that allows you to hide and unhide posts according to your wish. Just a click on the “X” option of any post and you get to select from the different functionalities of the drop down menu accordingly.

Get To Post In Other Company’s Facebook Page

This comes across as a powerful feature of the new Facebook Page design that allows you to post in other company’s Facebook page as a brand. Activate the option ‘Use Facebook as your Brand name’ and keep the conversation meaningful to enjoy the maximum benefits of traffic flow.

‘Like’ other’s pages

The new modified design with its ‘Like’ option allows users to show interest in other’s pages. Let others know that you appreciate their post. This is no doubt a good way to populate your brand among more number of people. Stay upgraded and in connection to other companies with help of this new effective functional tool.

Know Your Fans Better

It’s time you get to know more about your fans, instead of just the fan counts. Not only the new change in Facebook page allows the admin of the page to see the names of the people who ‘Like’ your page, but also ensures more security and control. If you are not the admin of a page, you will not be able to view the username of profiles that has liked your brand.