As you know, in the cyber space, there are so many blogging tools. Blog is one of the media for the people to deliver their aspiration or idea or information that is useful for the surroundings. In addition to the blog, the best wordpress hosting is give the reliable and trustable, that help wordpress in providing the fast power and affordable prices.

Actually, there are so many webs hosting site that wide spreading outside. But, WordPress only the best 3 that can give the solution for easy access. One of the best is the Hostgator. From the hostgator review we can see that there are so many features that can make them won this awards, such as: Price, Unlimited Space, Unlimited Transfer, Unlimited Email box, Host 1 domains, Instance Backups, 99.9% Uptime Guarantee, and 45 Days Money Back.

As you know, the hostgator is very useful for the small home business to the middle; In addition, by using the hostgator, you will know that this hosting site is playing an important role in the small business page such as wordpress and joomla. Besides, you can see the Hosting Review in the to help you in finding the right hosting site.

Some mistakes to avoid in buy wordpress web hosting

In general there are 4 common mistakes when buying hosting, especially for beginners:

1. Choose a free hosting

It is natural that everyone likes in terms of Free also include hosting, but if you have a long-term plans and great hopes on the blog that you create should not use the free hosting. Because in addition to sub-standard quality, support arbitrarily, less facilities and usually if hosting is not responsible if they suddenly remove your blog.

2. Buy too cheap hosting

Because it is cheap even with feature offered such as unlimited domains, unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth exactly like HostGator, Bluehost or other standards hosting.  But it not guarantee, not even yet a year they can not withstand the traffic of your blog.

3. Buy Windows hosting for wordpress blog

Need to realize that in general the hosting company offers two types of server hosting, hosting dengann hosting in windows operating system and Linux operating systems.

In addition, Linux is more secure from hacker attacks, viruses, etc. than the Windows. Matter of speed, Apache linux faster than windows. Windows hosting are usually hired to play the forex business is not to play real time blogging and websites.

4. Buy hosting without research

Of all the above errors, the error is greatest without doing research on the hosting to be purchased. Tips for doing research, looking for hosting review, in blogs and forums about hosting. Do a search on google with the keyword “name-hosting ugly”, to use name-hosting experience, name-hosting bad review, etc.. Basically every hosting must have had bad experiences with customers, but we are looking for is the least the case.