So, you have come across sites that have made jaw dropped in wonder and awe. Yah, there are sites that look really cool and they make you wonder whether you will ever be able to design sites that cross the boundaries of average. So, how come some designers manage to come up with such great designs when you are working hard under pressure to come up with half as good as these.

You might tend to believe that great designers are different species and with brains developed rather unusually. But this is not the case for sure. Great designers are not handiwork of God nor do they belong to an alien planet. In fact you can also metamorphose from an average designer to designer if you manage to follow certain tips and believe me they are not that much hard. So, let’s start:


Follow the Trend:

Though great designers often tend to defy the trends, go against the rules and try set new standards all the time, they are at the same time very attentive about the ongoing trends. However, do not get me wrong, I am not asking you to go by the trends all the time, this might have negative effects on your uniqueness; rather what I am asking is to follow the trends to make your clients feel happy and at the same time, you should go on making experiments.


Study & Develop:

Try to stay on the learning curve. Learning is the best way to keep yourself updated and this will save your blushes if you are asked to give your opinion about a new trend that is doing the round in web design industry. Find some great resource like CSS Mania and its likes and you will have your free daily dose of inspiration free of cost and you will have a great designer in the making.

Back to paper:

Getting back to basic is the very first step to get you envisaged as a great designer. You need to have pen and paper ready and try to sketch out a rough plan of a design project before you get your hands on it. This will give you enough scope to come up with some interesting additions and make sure you are getting suggestions from your friends and colleagues as they might help you see the loopholes exist in your design.


White Space:

Do not try to cram too many things like fancy designs, weird fonts, gruesome colors schemes into a single design, believe me this will do more harm than good to your design project. Try to keep things as simple as possible as great design does not necessarily mean that you need to make the design creek under the volume of pressure.


Know Your Audience:

Unless you have the information about targeted audience, you will never be able to come up with something really interesting and engaging. Your design should be based on the type of audience you are targeting. For example, if majority of the targeted audience are above 60, you should try to keep things as simple as possible without making any kind of compromise on the creative front.

Use Upgraded Application:

This is a known problem for all designers. For example, I have never seen any designers trying anything except Photoshop. But there are some great tools available that can make your design stand out from the rest. Try to explore new horizon as it will help you hone your skill to a great extent.

Give these techniques a try and I hope, you will have a better world to live.