Last week, I thought, why not for my “CommunityNews” list I show the submiter/auhtor avatar. With this avatar more easy for user to recognize this link “who the author link” and separating each others.
So after the research for fvCommunityNews plug-in and testing,  this is what I get. But if you have better way, please share with us.

Open fvCommunityNews.php, find this code in line 903

	$newsPosts = '
    ' . "\n"; foreach ($posts as $post) { if (NULL == $post->Image) $image = $noImage; else $image = get_option('home') . '/wp-fvcn-images/' . stripslashes(apply_filters('comment_author_url', $post->Image)); $newsPosts .= $format . "\n"; $newsPosts = str_replace('%submission_author%', stripslashes(apply_filters('comment_author', $post->Name)), $newsPosts); $newsPosts = str_replace('%submission_author_email%', stripslashes(apply_filters('comment_author_email', $post->Email)), $newsPosts);

than insert this code after it in line 914

$newsPosts = str_replace('%submission_author_avatar%', get_avatar(stripslashes(apply_filters('comment_author_email', $post->Email)), 24), $newsPosts);

The number 24 is the size of avatar you want to show

Now at administration console, Submission-Setting, Insert the tags “%submission_author_avatar%” in Submission Template.

  • %submission_author_avatar%