It’s very important to create icon set that match with your web project or other design projects. If you have a company or groups but you have no idea how to make the icon, don’t be afraid. You can search to the internet to find the best company which serves you about this. There are many sites in which you can order your needs, but not all of them are worth enough, trusted and qualified enough to fulfill your wants. One of the recommended sites for designing your icons is through Icons-land, beside ready made icons or stock icons they also offering custom icons.

In this site, you will see many examples of their works which are absolutely beautiful and eye catching. There are many fabulous icons you can buy starting from people icons, transport icons, software icons, POI icons, sport icons and many others. Right now, it depends on you which one is the same with your needs. When you see each page, you will see cool icons that make you fall in love. What makes this icon site service is interesting is the icons are created by expert designers in making icons. Later, you can see some custom design services such as icon designs itself, animation design, skin design, software box design, if you want to make CD/ DVD cover you can also order here, logo design until 3D design.  For more details about the services you can visit Icons-land website.

Custom Icons


Beside Custom Icon Design services Icons-Land offers following services:

  • Animation Design
  • Skin Design
  • Software Box Design
  • CD/DVD Cover Design
  • Logo Design
  • 3D Design

Anything related to design your icons, logo or anything else; you can get the services here. For example, for people icons, this service will provide you more than 400 different people with different jobs, occupations, religions, ages, nationality, etc. Whenever you want anything about icons, you can order here. Later, serves your design like photo studios because they are using vector icons, PNG and custom design service. 

Vector Icons



Another example comes from transport icons. There will be many options for you in choosing kinds of transportations, anything about that you can quickly order because you can choose what you want from these types. Not only that, each icon will have their special icon which means you can choose depends on your icon needs. Whenever you choose gadgets, there will be also lots of gadgets styles to be served to you. Those icons are designed so trendy, good and details. In addition, for gadgets icons, they use multimedia applications like VCR set.

Stock Icons


For further information, you can visit to the site and find deeper details about what you are going to order. You will not find a disappointed result, so there will be no reasons not for ordering in this site. Remember there will be many sites offer you about this, but there is only one side which is the best and recommended for your choice.  Besides many icons, there will be sophisticated techniques to be served here. What are you waiting for? You need to visit the site and choose which one you like then you start to order. It’s quite easy. If you have any further information, you can read the FAQ and you will find your answer there. Don’t wait. Order now!