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Hai guys… actually, this template I have created about 2 year ago, unuse anymore. Now I share it with totally free including psd file, html, css in zip file. You can download it and feel free to using the template.
note : to change the logo and etc, change from the source file, edit, and re-export the image slide.

Here the preview
*name tag stock image take from sxc

download here,

loginpage.zip 1.29MB 88294 psd file, html, css
click the attachment link to download the file

Written by fandy

a web and graphic designer whose love art and design and like to share knowledge, resources and inspirations. English not my mother language so don't blame me, I just do the best to sharing, just give me suggestion to fix it. If love my work, you can support me and follow me on Twitter

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Emmy smith October 6, 2011,22:22

hi. i love the login page u it. u are great. believe me.

pls can u help me. am editing my mikrotik login page. and i want to change the backround and add an image to it. pls can u help me to guide me how i can add image to login page. thanks


Andreas October 10, 2011,00:47

Thanks for sharing your nice work!

חשבונית November 30, 2011,14:43

Woah! I think that with some little work, I can punch this baby down! That’s a cool template.

Attractive 20 Login Page Designs For Inspiration | The Wondrous Design Magazine December 16, 2011,20:06

[...] Login Page Template [...]

احمد December 20, 2011,03:18


DARSHIL SHAH December 23, 2011,15:50

Hey fandy nice login page!!nice artwork!!!nice work

DARSHIL SHAH December 23, 2011,15:52

Hey fandy nice artwork loved it!!!

vinay January 6, 2012,18:38

just too good.

Free PSD,PSD Login Screens,Web Design,Login Box,Login Screen January 10, 2012,08:56

[...] 2.    PSD Login Screen– Tag Style [...]

COOL_RAMDAN February 14, 2012,09:33

Thank’s bro,, I like your design so much!! let me use it for my site login page.. look at your design at http://www.amtsel.com

Keep good work guy!!

deva March 12, 2012,14:38

thank for design great login page

krunal March 18, 2012,18:05

nice login page…
pls can u help me. am editing topjob login page. and pls can u help me to guide me how i can add image to login page. thanks

crazy_x March 22, 2012,12:13


Irfan March 26, 2012,10:17

nice emp login

RAVINDRA SARAN May 20, 2012,19:21

how to use and customise login form plz help me

sam ope May 23, 2012,07:52

simple but beautifully designed. thks for sharing. it’s really appreciated

viralmehta1411 June 18, 2012,12:59

nice login page…

johny August 7, 2012,09:00

Thank for share

Alisha Salgaonkar August 20, 2012,16:02

simply awsmm….likd it!!

zattan September 24, 2012,14:22


Syaiful November 23, 2012,14:54

Thanks you so’ much..

rafiq January 17, 2013,17:58

Thanks for the template

sajjad January 24, 2013,01:30

thanks man .
this is useful

Neenu surendran k t April 12, 2013,16:04


hanin April 18, 2013,11:17

wow… can’t believe it’s FREE !
thanks a lot…

Nadeem May 31, 2013,16:48

u made my day i was searching for something unique

GreatRivers September 4, 2013,18:28

Just what I needed! Please permit me to us it. You are a great designer.

kalyani September 24, 2013,10:42

It is really good! awesome work!



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