Steve Jobs is best known as a marketing genius and as a co-founder, chairman, and CEO of Apple. Apple wasn’t always the most successful company, but Steve Jobs was able to turn things around to eventually make it one of the biggest and most profitable companies in the world. While he left Apple to create Pixar, Apple wasn’t seeing growth as they had anticipated and when Steve decided to return, he was able to completely change up how the company works and their marketing strategies, which ultimately is the reason behind Apple’s success. We can all learn from some of his marketing strategies and how he made his companies so successful, so let’s take a quick look at some lessons to be learned.

Focus on Your Fans

Apple is really good at attracting loyal customers and then focusing on them to make them feel appreciated. Apple has some of the most loyal customers any company could ever ask for, and their fans are proud to express how happy they are with Apple’s products. Having a large loyal fan base is one of the best marketing strategies available, because they attract more and more people to buy from the company, which ultimately produces more loyal customers. It is an incredible cycle that can make a business thrive over its competitors. Once Apple realized that it had such a large fan base, it started interacting with them through social media sites, content marketing and blogs, which helps increase the company brand and also reinforces the loyalty of their customers.

Getting your customers involved in your company isn’t as hard as many people think it is. If you start by having your own website which people can easily navigate through and creating content that your target audience likes, you will attract more and more people, which you can then interact with. Setting up social networking profiles for your company can also help because it allows your customers to write comments about their thoughts on how your company is doing. Some people might leave great comments while others might criticize, either way, if you respond and keep in touch with your audience, they will eventually become loyal customers.


Think About Design

Steve Jobs was always adamant about making sure Apple’s product designs were as best as they could be. Not only were the product designs excellent, but so what the packaging and everything else that had to do with the company. The most important part of getting people to purchase your products is usually all about the first impression, and having an incredible design will give a much better impression than having just an average design.

if you product stands out from your competitors, your potential consumers will most likely pick yours because they are looking for a product that is superior than the normal. Having a typical average design will just give them the impression that it is just an average product, so make sure to put a lot of time and thought into the design of your product and packaging.

Even if the product you are selling is electronic, such as an E-book, you can still design the presentation to the best of your ability. So when someone stumbles across that E-book, they are impressed with it and think about using some of their hard earned money on it. Don’t offer unattractive products, people will just think twice prior to buying it, which gives them an extra chance to go to your competitors.

Market Prior to the Release

Apple has usually already sold millions of their products prior to them ever being released to the public. How? It is easy, they just build enough hype about the products that people end up pre-purchasing the product. By letting people know what they will be getting with the product and making them feel it is necessary to pre purchase it, Apple is able to start getting revenue early and also get a better estimate on how many units will need to be created by the release date.

It can be quite hard to get the new Apple products on the day of the release due to them being sold out, so most loyal customers already know to pre-order. You can do the same thing with your company, let people know that your product will be launching soon and give them as much information as they need to get them interested enough to buy it.

There are so many other marketing lessons we can learn from Steve Jobs, but these should get you started.