A good design plays a significant role in making a website successful. However, designers often fall for some common myths associated with web design which may mar all their efforts. Let us look at some of the web design myths which they must do away with.

Using Lots Of Colors Enhances A Website


Wrong! Too many colors on the website does not make it appealing to the visitors; on the contrary, the visitors’ eyes can hurt from browsing through your web pages that are literally splashed with colors. Moreover, it confuses them and in the confused state, they might end up abandoning your site.

Ideally, you must decide a specific color scheme for your site, consisting of at the most 2-3 colors. Also, you must keep in mind that your text must be readable and for this, keep the text in a dark color against a light background and vice versa.

You Can Use As Many Images As You Want


Another myth is that you can never have enough visuals on the site. This is so not true and in fact, too many visual elements on your site will only add to your woes. Thus, you must maintain a proper text-to-image ratio on your site, otherwise your web pages can take a lot of time to load and this in turn will irk the visitors.

A rule of the thumb is to keep the size of your pages less than 30 KB, including the images and HTML; in case you find the images occupying a lot of space, you can edit their sizes by using any image editing software. Additionally, save them in the correct format (use .JPG format for Photos and .GIF format for web images and clip arts).

Flash is Required To Enhance A Website


It is wrong to believe that Flash can enhance any given website; even though Flash provides moving images, graphics, impressive intro pages and many other dynamic features, it is not at all necessary to use it in order to enhance a site. Instead, you can get many nice effects on your site with HTML too, and it is way more beneficial than Flash.

For example, one of the main advantages of HTML is that it is compatible on various web browsers and devices (HTML 5); Flash on the other hand, requires too many updates and many visitors don’t even have the Flash plug-in installed in their browsers. This hinders them from viewing your site easily and they might abandon it without even waiting for it to load completely.

The Content Is Less Important


This is absolutely false! What will your visitors go through when they visit your site other than the information they are looking for? Simply placing loads of images with some text thrown in here and there won’t serve your purpose; you have to put in relevant content on the site so that when users search for some content on the search engine, they can be redirected to your site.

Thus, start out your site with high quality and relevant content and keep updating it from time to time. This makes your website appear fresh to the visitors each time they check it and increases the appeal of the site.

So, the next time you are all set to design a website, be wary of these design myths and stick to the facts which will help you design a successful website.

Written by Hazel Raoult; Hazel Raoult is working with PLAVEB – a leading custom web design company. A person with varied interests, she likes to write on various technical topics whenever she gets the time. She likes sharing her write-ups on various platforms such as guest-blogging sites. Like Us on Facebook.