‘Oplakuwe’ New Free PSD Template Gentle and Spunky

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Today I proudly present the latest design templates which you can download for free that I call Oplakuwe. With the cool shades of green and dark gray color which is firm and manly. Consists of 3 page design, home, blog pages, and posting page complete with comments form, in 2 PSD (Photoshop) files (oplakuwe.psd and oplakuwe_blog-post.psd).

Obviously this design is based on grid 960, a full layered design and easily modified as needed. To note that all the layers in the psd I hide to minimize file size, so to edit psd files un-hide all the layers. This template are free released under Creative Common License (CC 3.0 Attribution) and also for commercial use. Let the text "designed by Artfan Design" di footer dan link ke http://www.artfans.info/. If you liked this design and want to use it for your website or blog, make sure to convert them properly or choose the best and experienced in convert PSD to WordPress or to compliant as you need.

So let’s see how this template, click the image below to view in full size. Download the photoshop source file in zip file at bottom of post. Please leave your comments!

Home Page

View in Full Size

Blog Page

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Post Page

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oplakuwe.zip 2.65MB 5459 included oplakuwe.psd and oplakuwe_blog-post.psd
click the attachment link to download the file

Written by fandy

a web and graphic designer whose love art and design and like to share knowledge, resources and inspirations. English not my mother language so don't blame me, I just do the best to sharing, just give me suggestion to fix it. If love my work, you can support me and follow me on Twitter

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Suraj June 1, 2011,11:46

That’s really wonderful and valuable giveaway!

Nikunj June 1, 2011,16:46

Really neat design downloading it now :) Thanks

Citadella June 2, 2011,15:59

Thank you very much for this professional template.

medica June 3, 2011,16:50

Very good PSD File ,,,,, thanks

Luke watts June 8, 2011,20:11

Wonderful design, things like color, fonts and placement of things also looks fine..Good work..thanks for sharing.

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Mohammad Danish June 18, 2011,14:20

Wow! amazing templates, can u plz explain how can i buy these templates?

lewater June 21, 2011,17:28

good……its a good psd template

Land-of-web » 60+ free psd templates (spring edition) June 22, 2011,07:25

[...] 32. Oplakuwe. [...]

microns July 2, 2011,16:32

amazing templates thanks for sharing it

jenson July 5, 2011,16:04

thanks for sharing a nice psd templates…

Free PSD Photoshop templates for Web Designer | GrapiX.in August 8, 2011,19:39

[...] 32. Oplakuwe. [...]

maarkup-master September 24, 2011,16:35

Hi, I am a markup developer and I coded this awesome design (home page, including valid xhtml, css. with js, ie 6-8 supported). You can download it from my blog free (http://markup-master.com.ua/free-html-template/) Thanks for sharing!

    fandy September 24, 2011,23:27

    Hi @maarkup-master Thank you for coded the design and share it, nice job!

designermelanie October 12, 2011,19:26

Wow! Thank you! I bet this design would be perfect as a wordpress theme! :)

    fandy October 12, 2011,22:02

    Thank you Melanie, yes it’s designed for wordpress, but can be use in other also

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orangegoat January 3, 2012,15:44


this PSD is amazing!

anwyay, i want to convert this file to wordpress theme and share it via my portfolio site ( http://orangerdev.com ) and your name will be put as credit, absolutely :)

is it ok?

if you’re i’ll publish it :)

Oplakuwe – XHTML & CSS | OrangeR Dev January 5, 2012,15:42

[...] and great design from artfan. I converted the PSD into XHTML and CSS [...]

wells January 31, 2012,00:47

No style sheet with download. Upload to wordpress failed.

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rathore manohar March 5, 2012,23:22

its so nice and also very useful to me

10 Free PSD Web Templates 2. | Allxnet March 7, 2012,05:11

[...] Site: http://www.artfans.info [...]

Lampels April 18, 2012,12:39

Great Job!……….

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