The Moon Patrol, an arcade game of 1982 fame, was the harbinger of a new technique in the web world. Parallax scrolling, as the technique is called, was implemented in this game; it was one of the original platforms using side-scrolling shooters.

The frenzy tool for web designers

Parallax scrolling is a special computer graphic technique, in which the background images depict slower motion than the foreground images. This gives an illusion of depth in a two dimensional video game and intensifies its impact, giving a false implication of three dimension. Basically, this technique was implemented in traditional animation earlier, but popularity came late with Moon Patrol.

Parallax scrolling can be a nice trick, whether a complex, multi-page website is on your mind or a simple single-page website is to be delivered.

By implementing the parallax scrolling effect in your site, you can go beyond creating a faux-3D effect. Parallax scrolling can be a cool and awesome design concept for the web world, when implemented appropriately. Nike implemented this technique successfully in developing their website with the help of Weiden and Kennedy (the two market leaders).

The implementation of parallax scrolling

Numerous websites today provide an amazing and revitalizing browsing experience using the scrolling technique. Parallax scrolling can be applied to things moving vertically, or in straight lines. And the Nintendo can be an apt example. Earlier, the characters moved horizontally (from left to right) and vertical movement was restricted.

The parallax effect is also elucidated in Mario and Luigi games. The main characters move in the foreground while the shells, etc. move in the background.

Popular games, like Mario Bros and Streets of Rage, owe their success considerably to the parallax technique. The scrolling technique alleviates the impact of motion, with multiple layers of images all moving at different speeds. The 2D images appear to have a 3D-like effect, giving a more realistic appeal to the gaming experience.

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Simple and effective

This technique can also help in creating a promising website without generous content. Even with basic information like “About us’, ‘Contact’, etc., a website can acquire an impressive outlook with the right technique. A simple effect, like that created out of parallax scrolling, can make the website memorable and enjoyable, and prompt the visitor to regularly browse the website.

There are ample tutorials on implementing this technique. Among the various web browsing effects, this one can score over others and serve well in times to come.

With gaining recognition, the parallax illusion emerges the latest rage in the web designing world. Some websites have used the effect to alleviate their background, while others show more prominence of the parallax illusion in creating an amazing browsing session. The technology found magnified applicability, beyond the video games, when it got implemented in the Silverback website. The website has a hidden treat, which is unearthed when the browser is re-sized.

Many find inspiration in the examples, while some take a step further and take the browsing experience to elevated levels. It depends on the manner this technique is rolled.

The parallax effect can be a powerful tool and serve a strong platform for delivering rich browsing experience. However, when used poorly (or inappropriately), this effect can produce a web page with numerous elements boggling your mind by just moving here and there.The parallax effect can be a star performer in a web design project when accomplished suitably.